9 Cocktail Recipes with Gin for Summer – Simple Alcoholic Beverages

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When summer is almost here, we start thinking about the sunshine, warm evenings and all the great parties and events for family and friends. I made a collection of the best cocktail recipes with gin – simple alcoholic beverages perfect for summer and refreshing.

9. The most delicious pomegranate gin cocktail

pomegranate gin cocktail

With so many collectible, unique and utterly delicious craft gin options to choose from, finding the perfect serve for each is quite an adventure. From fynbos to chili infused, there is a world of flavor to be discovered. One excellent way to enjoy the popular spirit is swirled into this delicious pomegranate gin cocktail.

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8. Sparkling Cranberry Gin Cocktail

Sparkling Cranberry Gin Cocktail

Bubbles make everything better, especially when you add them to this five-ingredient Sparkling Cranberry Gin Cocktail.

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7. Spiced Pear Gin Fizz

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add gin, lemon juice, egg white, and Spiced Pear Simple Syrup (recipe follows) to cocktail shaker. Replace lid and shake for 15 seconds or until shaker becomes frosty. Strain into cocktail glass. Top with club soda, garnish with star anise, and serve.

Spiced Pear Gin Fizz

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6. Blood Orange and Cranberry Punch

Blood Orange and Cranberry Punch

Blood Orange and Cranberry Punch is a gin cocktail made with Master of Mixes Blood Orange Margarita Mix that is a perfect Thanksgiving cocktail. This bubbly punch has notes of cranberry, mint, and citrus for a refreshing and light sip.

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5. Ginger and rosemary cocktail

Ginger and rosemary cocktail

A simple, clean cocktail featuring fresh rosemary, ginger, and lemon.

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4. Rosemary Peach Gin Cocktail

Rosemary Peach Gin Cocktail

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3. Cucumber Elderflower Gimlet

Cucumber Elderflower Gimlet

This refreshing cucumber elderflower gimlet recipe is made with Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain liqueur, fresh cucumber, and lime! Recipe as written below yields 1 cocktail. You can multiply the ingredients and make as many as 3 drinks at once in a large cocktail shaker.

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2. Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Cocktail

Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Cocktail

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1. Blutorangen Gin Cocktail

Blutorangen Gin Cocktail

Blood Orange Gin Cocktail Recipe Refreshing Blood Orange Gin Cocktail with Tonic Water. The Blood Orange Gin Cocktail is the perfect cocktail for the winter.

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Cocktail Recipes with Gin for Summer - Simple Alcoholic Beverages

Cocktail Recipes with Gin for Summer - Simple Alcoholic Beverages

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