Christmas Breakfast Ideas

25 Best Christmas Breakfast Ideas – Make Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning

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Are you looking for the best Christmas breakfast recipes? Here is a great collection of Christmas morning breakfast recipes, including overnight casserole, make-ahead recipes and vegan Christmas breakfast ideas.

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

25. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, made with a soft and simple dough, are perfect for your festive baking! Chocolate and delicious, they make for the ideal Christmas cookies!

I absolutely adore Chocolate Crinkles during the Christmas season. These extra-soft and fudgy cookies are simply delightful when dipped in powdered sugar and baked – it is truly a treat to love!

Creating an attractive appearance is effortless: Simply ensure the coating of powdered sugar is sufficiently thick before baking and the cookies will become delightfully crinkled during the baking process.

These chocolate crinkles are a breeze to make and yield a deliciously soft and chewy texture with the ideal cracked appearance. They are great for cookie exchanges!

24. Easy Holiday Sprinkle Cookies Recipe – Christmas Breakfast Dessert

Sprinkle cookies are an easy and fun recipe that is perfect for holidays and any kids birthday party. They are perfectly chewy, soft and thick with a buttery consistency. These cookies are every kids dream!!

This was the first time that I made sprinkle cookies and now they become one of my kids favorite cookies recipe. I made them for our Christmas breakfast table. It’s that time of year where if you’re anything like me you feel like your kitchen has turned into a cookie and desserts factory. 

Sprinkle cookies aren´t just for Christmas! These are cookies that can be made and enjoyed all year long. You can make these festive for Easter, Halloween, St. Patricks Day, or any other holiday you can think of by getting creative with your sprinkle choice. I think they go well at a kids birthday party. They will love them!!

23. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls – The Best Christmas Breakfast

These Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls are great for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving morning, or anytime you crave the easiest, softest and all-around best ever Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls during fall!

With fall here and the weather outside becoming chilly, we are celebrating Sunday with warming trend recipes to keep you cozy when the temperature drops. One of my favorite ways to stay toasty this time of year is Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Frosting warm out of the oven first thing in the morning.

This recipe is basically just a simple twist on my favorite cinnamon rolls, made with lots of extra pumpkin purée and pumpkin spice added to the dough, plus a generous cream cheese frosting for some extra fall vibes. The rolls bake up to be perfectly soft and chewy and lightly golden on top. And oh my goodness, they are just outrageously delicious.

22. Mini Frittata Muffins – Best Christmas Breakfast Recipe!

These petite frittata cupcakes are my answer to a persistent dilemma: the majority of readily-available breakfast options are sweet. I do appreciate banana bread, scones, chia pudding, and breakfast cookies, they’re all delightful. However, if your palate is akin to mine, there are times when you yearn for a savoury breakfast, but the clock doesn’t allow you the luxury to whip up eggs. How you wish for a flavourful, protein-loaded option that you could just grab and dash out the door. Meet: this petite frittata cupcakes recipe.

Loaded with fresh vegetables and eggs, these tiny frittata cupcakes have won over my heart as my top pick for meal prep breakfast recipes. They’re fantastic straight from the oven, but they also last in the refrigerator for several days. Indulge in one (or a couple more) for a quick breakfast at home, or bundle them up for a meal or snack for later. The quest for a savoury breakfast = accomplished.

Eggs paired with dill are one of my beloved combinations, so I used them as the primary foundation for this petite frittata cupcakes recipe.

21. Everything Bagel Casserole Recipe

If you’re an ardent fan of treats sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning, then we’ve got a transformative recipe just for you. Welcome to the world of everything bagel bake, a preparable-in-advance breakfast that encapsulates all the charm of a sizzling, freshly-toasted bagel in one single dish. Day-old everything bagels are perfect for this, as they’re cut up and arranged in layers with bacon, crimson onion, and a cream cheese mix. This combination is left to rest overnight, absorbing a velvety concoction of eggs, Parmesan cheese, and fresh parsley. Once it’s out of the oven, you’d want to add a touch of dill on top, and pair it with tomato slices, smoked salmon, or, who are we kidding, extra bacon! This dish is a splendid choice for a festive brunch…or just a typical, relaxed Saturday.

20. Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal Recipe

This oatmeal recipe, influenced by the charm of cinnamon rolls, is magnificent on its own. However, feel free to jazz it up with extra ingredients! Dried fruits, diced apples, banana slices, or even frozen blueberries would amplify its deliciousness.

Begin by preheating the oven to 375° and greasing a baking dish of 9″x13″ size. In a sizable bowl, combine oats, a cup of walnuts, cinnamon, baking powder, and coarse salt.

In a separate bowl, whisk together milk, heavy cream, maple syrup, an egg, and vanilla. Transfer the dry blend into the prepared baking dish, then pour the wet mixture over it, making sure no dry patches remain.

Bake for around 40 to 45 minutes until the top achieves a golden hue and no moisture is left.

While baking, prepare the frosting: Take a large bowl, add butter and cream cheese, and whip until it becomes light and fluffy. Introduce powdered sugar and continue whipping until it turns smooth. Gradually introduce heavy cream to make it more fluid.

Allow the oatmeal to cool down for about 10 minutes. Slice into squares, serve with a drizzle of frosting, and garnish with toasted walnuts.

19. Sweet Potato Frittata with Ham and Cheese

Sweet potatoes lend a delightful twist to this generally savoury delight, the frittata.

Pieces of sweet potatoes, ham, crunchy vegetables, browned onions, and feta cheese all mingle in this singular frittata – can anyone resist such a feast?

Not just a fitting dish for the Christmas day, it’s equally suitable for the next morning. An excellent method to conjure a novel and thrilling dish from remaining food items.

18. Coffee Cake

A luscious, soft cake crowned with a crispy cinnamon streusel – this is the definitive coffee cake to accompany your preferred cup of coffee!

Its simplicity is its true brilliance. That’s an apt description for this cake.

You don’t need any extravagant ingredients to prepare it, but the resulting tastes and textures are exceptionally delightful.

It’s so delightful, in fact, that people might assume it was sourced from a professional bakery.

Beyond its uncomplicated nature, you’ll also relish the divine scent that engulfs your entire cooking space. Indeed, it feels like Christmas.

17. Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Despite the numerous exciting and unique Christmas dessert options available, traditional treats often hold a special place.

Blueberry cream cheese muffins embody classic delight.

These muffins boast an unrivaled lightness and softness, flavored exclusively with high-quality ingredients.

Sweet, succulent blueberries mingling with luxurious cream cheese make an unbeatable combination.

And it doesn’t just stop there, folks. This recipe elevates the humble muffin by garnishing it with an unbelievably buttery crumb topping.

16. Maple Pecan Scones

These scones are wonderfully delicate, disintegrating gracefully as you take each bite.

In addition, they’re abundantly filled with pecans and generously adorned with a maple syrup glaze. They’re certain to leave your palate begging for more.

Based on their exquisite taste, one might suspect these scones demand extraordinary baking prowess. But, surprise!

Contrary to that thought, they’re astonishingly simple to whip up. It’s like a festive holiday gift from the kitchen!

15. Gluten-Free Breakfast Casserole with Homemade Sausage

In just a few simple, real food layers, this gluten-free breakfast casserole provides a hearty, one-pan meal for a crowd, or stocks your fridge with healthy breakfast for the week. Plus, you can prep it ahead and it’s freezer-friendly! See also vegan casserole recipes and healthy gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast recipes.

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14. Gluten-free Overnight Holiday Breakfast Casserole

Prepare this easy gluten-free breakfast casserole the night before and place it in the refrigerator. Pull out in the morning, bake, and enjoy a yummy breakfast/brunch with your family.

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13. Vegan Gingerbread Pancakes (Gluten-Free)

Easy and fluffy Vegan Gingerbread Pancakes that are perfectly spiced and make a festive addition to your holiday table (they’re also great to enjoy-round!). They can also be made vegan AND gluten-free, full details below!

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12. Vegan Gluten-Free Gingerbread Waffles

This recipe for festive, easy vegan gluten free gingerbread waffles are perfect to serve on Christmas morning (or any other morning during the holidays!).

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11. French Toast Casserole

Today’s French Toast Casserole recipe is absolutely loaded with flavor and tastes great with or without a drizzle of maple syrup on top. This recipe has instructions to be either a make-ahead overnight recipe or it can be prepped and baked right away!
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10. Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

An Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree made with store-bought or homemade cinnamon rolls, green icing, and Christmas sprinkles.

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9. Hashbrown Casserole With Sausage, Egg, & Cheese

This Hashbrown Casserole has sausage, egg, and cheese, so it is plenty hearty to have before school, work or on any holiday.
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8. Cherry Almond Braid

Adding this sweet Cherry Almond Braid to your holidays is a delicious idea!

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7. Skillet Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Casserole

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6. Monte Cristo Casserole Recipe

This Monte Cristo Casserole recipe is inspired by the popular Bennigan’s sandwich. But, this dish is easy to make and perfect for a special brunch or breakfast.

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5. Crustless Quiche to Make-Ahead and Freeze

Follow this basic recipe to make ahead and freeze Crustless Quiche.

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4. Eggnog Cranberry French Toast Bake

Eggnog is one of my favorite holiday beverages. I love recipes that use eggnog. This Eggnog Cranberry French Toast Bake is a perfect holiday recipe and a great French Toast recipe.

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3. Slow Cooker Banana Bread

This Slow Cooker Banana Bread recipe is a wonderful fall delight. You put your ingredients in and about 2 hours later you have banana bread.

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2. Christmas Tree Cream Cheese Danish – Easy Last-Minute Breakfast Recipe

An easy last-minute recipe to serve for breakfast on Christmas morning is this delicious Christmas tree cream cheese danish. Your family is going to love this!

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1. Cranberry Donut Bread Pudding

Quick & easy, but holiday-themed, this Cranberry Donut Bread Pudding is just what the chef ordered. It’s an easy breakfast or brunch, and your family would be hard-pressed to believe you that it’s studded with seasonal favorites.

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Christmas Breakfast 
Christmas Breakfast Ideas

25 Best Christmas Breakfast Ideas - Make Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning

Start your Christmas morning with the best breakfast ideas. Discover make-ahead recipes for a stress-free and delicious holiday morning.


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