Best Christmas Breakfast Recipes – Make Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning

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Are you looking for the best Christmas breakfast recipes? Here is a great collection of Christmas morning breakfast recipes, including overnight casserole, make-ahead recipes and vegan Christmas breakfast ideas. 

15. Gluten-Free Breakfast Casserole with Homemade Sausage

In just a few simple, real food layers, this gluten-free breakfast casserole provides a hearty, one-pan meal for a crowd, or stocks your fridge with healthy breakfast for the week. Plus, you can prep it ahead and it’s freezer-friendly!

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14. Gluten-free Overnight Holiday Breakfast Casserole

Prepare this easy gluten-free breakfast casserole the night before and place it in the refrigerator. Pull out in the morning, bake, and enjoy a yummy breakfast/brunch with your family.

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13. Vegan Gingerbread Pancakes (Gluten-Free)

Easy and fluffy Vegan Gingerbread Pancakes that are perfectly spiced and make a festive addition to your holiday table (they’re also great to enjoy-round!). They can also be made vegan AND gluten-free, full details below!

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12. Vegan Gluten-Free Gingerbread Waffles

This recipe for festive, easy vegan gluten free gingerbread waffles are perfect to serve on Christmas morning (or any other morning during the holidays!).

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11. French Toast Casserole

Today’s French Toast Casserole recipe is absolutely loaded with flavor and tastes great with or without a drizzle of maple syrup on top. This recipe has instructions to be either a make-ahead overnight recipe or it can be prepped and baked right away!
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10. Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

An Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree made with store-bought or homemade cinnamon rolls, green icing, and Christmas sprinkles.

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9. Hashbrown Casserole With Sausage, Egg, & Cheese

This Hashbrown Casserole has sausage, egg, and cheese, so it is plenty hearty to have before school, work or on any holiday.
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8. Cherry Almond Braid

Adding this sweet Cherry Almond Braid to your holidays is a delicious idea!

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7. Skillet Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Casserole

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6. Monte Cristo Casserole Recipe

This Monte Cristo Casserole recipe is inspired by the popular Bennigan’s sandwich. But, this dish is easy to make and perfect for a special brunch or breakfast.

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5. Crustless Quiche to Make-Ahead and Freeze

Follow this basic recipe to make ahead and freeze Crustless Quiche.

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4. Eggnog Cranberry French Toast Bake

Eggnog is one of my favorite holiday beverages. I love recipes that use eggnog. This Eggnog Cranberry French Toast Bake is a perfect holiday recipe and a great French Toast recipe.

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3. Slow Cooker Banana Bread

This Slow Cooker Banana Bread recipe is a wonderful fall delight. You put your ingredients in and about 2 hours later you have banana bread.

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2. Christmas Tree Cream Cheese Danish – Easy Last-Minute Breakfast Recipe

An easy last-minute recipe to serve for breakfast on Christmas morning is this delicious Christmas tree cream cheese danish. Your family is going to love this!

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1. Cranberry Donut Bread Pudding

Quick & easy, but holiday-themed, this Cranberry Donut Bread Pudding is just what the chef ordered. It’s an easy breakfast or brunch, and your family would be hard-pressed to believe you that it’s studded with seasonal favorites.

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