Easy Back To School Breakfast Ideas And Lunches

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If your kids are going back to school, then they need an extra boost of energy to last throughout the day. With that said, here are easy back to school breakfast and lunch ideas to give them their needed nutrients!

15. Customizable Energy Bites

These No-Bake Customizable Energy Bites are a naturally vegan and gluten-free, nutrient-dense snack you can feel good about feeding yourself and your family and can easily be made with ingredients you already have on hand.

Check it here.

14. Air Fryer Pop-Tarts : Homemade Breakfast Pastry

Yes, I know this is a dessert site, but sometimes my breakfast and desserts cross their own lines. I love sugar breakfasts…pancakes with Nutella, fruity French toast, and these delicious air fryer pop tarts!

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13. S’mores Breakfast Pastries

A favorite summer treat transformed into a delicious and fun breakfast pastry that’s perfect for any day of the week. S’mores breakfast pastries will be a new favorite treat in you house.

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12. Glazed Cherry Cheese Danish

Half of my family loves cherries. I am not in that half, therefore I don’t usually make recipes with cherries. This glazed cherry cheese danish makes 4 servings but can easily be doubled for more.

Check it here.

11. Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Double chocolate banana muffins are moist, delicious, and full of chocolatey flavor. Jam-packed with mini chocolate chips they are perfect with a cup of coffee.

Check it here.

10. Healthy Cinnamon French Toast Sticks – Air Fryer!

You have to try these cinnamon air fryer french toast sticks! With just four simple ingredients, and no sugar added, this healthy french toast is ready in no time!

Check it here.

9. Healthy Whole Wheat Oatmeal Banana Waffles | Easy Breakfast for Two

Healthy Oatmeal Banana Waffles are made with whole wheat flour, banana, oats, and other clean ingredients to keep this waffle recipe healthier than most. Enjoy this easy, healthy breakfast recipe for two with your favorite toppings!

Check it here.

8. Overnight Oats with Chia 

These easy overnight oats with chia seeds are a quick, easy and healthy breakfast option.

Check it here.

7. Pizza Scrolls

Pizza Scrolls or Pizza Pinwheels are a great way to use up leftover pizza dough and are excellent for lunch boxes, picnics or kids party food.

Check it here.

6. Delicious and Crunchy Chocolate Granola

This delicious and crunchy, refined sugar free Chocolate Granola will be a breakfast hit with the whole family and comes together so quickly. This is a satisfying nut and oat based chocolate muesli with flavours of cinnamon and chocolate, perfectly crunchy from the hazelnuts, pecans and pepitas.

Check it here.

5. Little Breakfast Piggies

You may have guessed that breakfast piggies must be some version of pigs in a blanket and you’d be right! Mini pancake muffin pigs in blankets to be exact.

Check it here.

4. Apple Oat Muffins, no Refined Sugar

When it comes to baking for the school bake sale, I am quite possibly the anomaly. I cook things I would want my kids to eat as I assume there are a lot of people in the same boat as me who would like their kids to have low sugar treats.

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3. Delicious Chocolate Muffins with Sweet Potato

We all know that chocolate = deliciousness. And these Chocolate Muffins with Sweet Potato are no exception. They come together so quickly in this one bowl, simple recipe. The sweet potato adds some extra nutrition to these fun and kid-approved muffins.

Check it here.

2. Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins are the prefect way to start your day! With a few simple ingredients and fresh berries these are super easy to make!

Check it here.

1. Air Fryer French Toast Sticks

Easy to make, air fryer French toast sticks are irresistible. Delightfully crispy on the outside with creamy custardy insides, your family will love this breakfast treat drizzled with maple syrup or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Check it here.

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