Alcoholic Popsicles

25 Adult Alcoholic Popsicles For The Summer

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Summer isn’t just for kids to go out and have some fun. Adults need to enjoy it, too! So, gather all your friends and have an adult-only get-together party with some nice, refreshing drinks and food. A creative way to make your party food more fun is by adding some gin to it! And because it’s summertime, a refreshing boozy popsicle or ice cream will just do the trick.

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With that in mind, I have here 25 adult alcoholic popsicle recipes for the summer!

25. Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri Popsicles

Use this recipe if you want something a bit creamier.

You’ll combine strawberries, coconut milk, lime juice, maple syrup, and rum to make these. 

The result is a cold, creamy popsicle with a rich, tropical flavor.

The strawberries help lighten the taste somewhat and also keep it from being too sugary. 

Still, this one is definitely for people who appreciate the sweeter things in life.

24. Boozy Raspberry Peach Prosecco Popsicles

These multicolored popsicles are flavorful and sugary sweet. The grape raspberry drink pairs wonderfully with all the peachy flavor

If you love super sweet popsicles, these are the ones for you.

They’re a little tangy, too, but mostly, they taste like juicy, overripe peaches. 

23. Frozen Sweet Tea Vodka Pops

I adore sweet tea, so these were a no brainer for me. And oh my goodness, they’re amazing! 

With or without the vodka, they’re perfectly sweet and refreshing.

This boozy version is just as delightful, but it also has the potential to give you a buzz.

So you won’t see me turning it down!

22. Dark and Stormy Popsicles

These amber popsicles taste just like their namesake – which just so happens to be my all-time favorite rum-based cocktail.

Dark & Stormy’s have such a unique, robust, earthy, spiced flavor that’s hard to describe. And these alcoholic popsicles capture that perfectly.

They aren’t sweet or tart, but they’re not too bitter, either.

Zesty, spiced, and loaded with rum, you’ll want more than one of these bad boys!

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21. Irish Coffee and Cream Popsicles

This recipe is for another creamy, caffeinated, coffee-based popsicle.

Feature strong coffee, Irish cream liqueur, condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream, they’re smooth, silky, and spectacularly rich.

They’ll help you cool down and satisfy your sweet tooth simultaneously.

20. Mango Bourbon Smash Popsicles

Ah, mint and mango – what a delightful combination.

These fresh, crisp popsicles are sweet, boozy, and oh-so refreshing.

You’ll add a frozen banana to them for sweetness and lime juice for zing. They take just five minutes to whip up, but need a solid 12 hours to feeeze.

Four ounces of bourbon may not seem like a lot but it’s enough to slow down the freezing process.

These have a stronger alcohol flavor than others on the list.

In fact, the bourbon infuses them with an incredibly appealing and almost smoky after-taste. Delish!

19. Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Popsicles

These freezer pops feature tart lemonade and fresh strawberries.

And the strawberry lemonade vodka mixes so well with them that you’ll barely taste it. 

They’re perfect if you want cold, refreshing popsicles that aren’t too sweet or boozy.  

18. Strawberry Margarita Ice Pops

These lovely red popsicles taste just like a strawberry margarita – fruity, zesty, and a tiny bit sour. 

Be sure to follow the “optional” instructions, like dipping them in tequila and salt before serving. It’s the finishing touch that makes them outstanding.


17. Frosé Sangria Popsicles

All you’ll need for these frosé popsicles is a cup of rosé, orange juice, and honey. Plus whatever fruits you like best. 

And don’t worry about adjusting the recipe for this one – wine freezes much more easily than hard liquors.

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting these to harden. 

They’re light, fruity, and boozy but not too strong, which is perfect if you want to cool down and feel great but not get tipsy.

16. Red White & Blueberry Rocket Boozy Ice Pops

Remember those red, white, and blue Rocket Pops from your childhood? Well, these are the boozy, adult versions of those. 

They have a deliciously fruity, somewhat tropical taste from the blend of sweet coconut milk, sugar, and tart berries.

Additionally, the pineapple vodka provides a beautiful base for everything else.

These don’t taste precisely like Rocket Pops. Instead, they’re even better – fresher, cleaner, and less candy-like.

Plus, there’s alcohol! That automatically makes them better. 

15. Make Boozy Homemade Fudgesicles

These easy homemade fudgesicles are made with sugar, cocoa powder, milk, and yogurt for a delicious frozen treat. For an extra-fabulous dessert, add a little bourbon! See also wine glass desserts for parties.

14. Boozy Tootsie Roll Frozen Pops

Sure, there’s Mondays and kids, chores and laundry, but we all know life is about one thing only… what ever helps and this adult treat is perfection!

13. Strawberry Champagne Popsicles

Prepare yourself for this greatness !!! Make this at your next wedding shower, birthday party etc… and everyone will be jealous that you thought of this. These are so good and grab the attention of EVERYONE!

12. Tart Mojito Cherry Popsicle Recipe (Alcohol Optional)

These cocktail inspired Tart Mojito Cherry Popsicles are a refreshing way to beat the summer heat! Plus, the blend of recovery-boosting tart cherry juice and protein-laced Greek yogurt is a perfect post-workout routine.

11. Strawberry Margarita Ice Cocktail Pops Recipe

How can you make a margarita better – turn it into a boozy popsicle with my Strawberry Margarita Ice Pops recipe! Not only are these adult-only, alcohol-infused ice pops delicious, but they are also the perfect treat for Cinco de Mayo. 

10. Coconut Rum Pineapple Popsicles

These delicious and refreshing pineapple popsicles are packed with yummy tropical flavors, like coconut and rum…yum! It’s such an easy popsicle recipe too! These are perfect for hot summer days and cool summer parties.

9. Watermelon Popsicles with Tequila!

Refreshing watermelon popsicles with tequila! These boozy pops are fresh and full of flavor! They’re shaped like watermelon slices and have an adorable kiwi lime rind! Perfect popsicle for summer!

8. Red, White and Blue Boozy Popsicles

Today I’m sharing a cool and festive adult treat for patriotic entertaining: Red, “Wine” and “Blue Popsicles.

7. Strawberry Champagne Pops

These Strawberry Champagne Pops are the perfect treat to beat the summer heat. Filled with sweet champagne and fresh strawberries, these two ingredient pops are a delicious way to cool off all season long!

6. Frozen Jack and Coke Popsicles Are Your Boozy Summer Treat

This frozen Jack and Coke Popsicle recipe will be your new favorite treat. You can even serve them as a summer BBQ dessert for adults.

5. Raspberry Peach Champagne Popsicles

As soon as I got my popsicle molds, I knew the first popsicle I wanted to make had to be champagne based. There is something so refreshing about a cold glass of champagne in the summer time. I like to buy the small four-packs of champagne, so I can enjoy a fresh glass every once in a while.

4. Mojito Float – Summer Alcoholic Popsicles

A Mojito Float is the best of both worlds – the quintessential flavor of a mojito served with lime ice cream floating in a sea of rum!

3. Poptails aka Lime Popsicle Margaritas – Delicious Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

Add Poptails to your list of must-try summer cocktails. These Lime Popsicle Margaritas are a fresh, zesty and delicious way to stay cool by the pool!

2. Make Alcoholic Hibiscus Margarita Popsicles

I’m enjoying a Boozy Horchata Pop. In this case, I look like I’m enjoying a grape popsicle, but what I’m actually eating is approximately 13.5 times better–a hibiscus margarita on a stick.

1. Mimosa Alcohol Popsicles

Turn leftover champagne into delicious and refreshing mimosa popsicles! Perfect for summer parties or an after work treat during summer…


Alcoholic Popsicles

Alcoholic Popsicles

25 Summer Alcoholic Popsicle Recipes For Adult

Chill out with 25 adult alcoholic popsicles with juice and vodka, adding a cool twist to your summer delights.


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