15 Delicious and Healthy Sweet Snacks – 15 Best Snack Recipes

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There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself with sweet treats when you are craving for sugar. However, instead of ruining your health (and teeth) by eating tons of candies and chocolates, why not opt for healthier yet also sweet alternatives? With that said, here are 15 delicious and healthy sweet snack recipes that are guilt-free!

15. Heart Healthy Chocolate Hummus

Yep, you read it right, Chocolate Hummus. This was a great discovery for me because I love a little chocolate but it usually comes with too much sugar and fat.

Check it here.

14. No-Bake Skinny Key Lime Pie

This No-Bake Skinny Key Lime Pie is easy to make and much lower in calories than traditional key lime pie! This pie makes a delicious and satisfying lime dessert!

Check it here.

13. No-Bake Cinnamon Apple Slices

These no-bake cinnamon apple slices make the perfect healthy dessert or snack! Cinnamon and brown sugar turn regular apple slices into an indulgent sweet treat!

Check it here.

12. Peanut Butter Coconut Balls

Sweet, nutty, and absolutely delicious, these no-bake Peanut Butter Coconut Balls are a perfect energizing snack that is both satisfying and healthful. These energy balls are super easy to make and packed with SUPERFOODS. Loaded with wonderful flavors and totally guilt-free. So addictive!

Check it here.

11. No Bake Brownie Bites

Fudgy and rich with intense chocolaty flavor, these No Bake Brownie Bites are a decadent treat and exactly what you need when you craving a quick brownie fix. Loaded with SUPERFOODS and made without added sugars, these little delights are perfect snack with many health benefits.

Check it here.

10. Banana and Walnut Bread

Easy walnut banana bread made with greek yogurt and very simple ingredients. This banana bread is super moist, soft and fluffy with a lovely crispy exterior.

Check it here.

9. Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

Easy and delicious Vegan Banana Bread that you can make every day. Using ripe bananas guarantees the perfect sweetness of this recipe. No need to add sugar or any other sweetener.

Check it here.

8. Best-Ever Walnut Vegan Biscotti Recipe

Biscotti, let alone vegan biscotti, isn’t very popular in the USA, but I think that should change! Some places like Starbucks and coffee shops have it, but it isn’t the norm and that is a shame!

Check it here.

7. How to Make Oil-free Crispy Chickpeas (vegan, wfpb)

Oil-free crispy chickpeas are not just addictive. Roasted crunchy chickpeas without oil are a super quick and easy snack recipe, which can be prepared very well and is therefore suitable as a meal prep. Play with the spices you like the most and get the perfect snack or soup topping for your next dinner.

Check it here.

6. Healthy Banana Bread Cookies With Oats (1 bowl)

Wanna know how this recipe was born? (I promise it’ll be a short short story).
It all began with my craving for cookies, on an ordinary weeknight. I literally threw 8 ingredients into a bowl, formed cookies, then baked them.

Check it here.

5. No Bake Coconut Balls With Chocolate & Raspberries

One of the few things I remember from my marketing lessons at University is the acronym and motto K.I.S.S, Keep it simple, stupid (= most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated).

Check it here.

4. No Bake Healthy Chocolate Rocky Road Bars – Weight Watchers friendly

I can’t tell you how many an evening I have found myself in the pantry, scrounging for chocolate –anything chocolate! And then, out of pure desperation, grabbing a handful of chocolate chips.

Check it here.

3. Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Just 3 ingredients to make this easy, flourless recipe for Keto Peanut Butter Cookies. These simple, low carb cookies use monk fruit as a sweetener. An erythritol and monk fruit blend is heat stable sweetener and easily found at most stores. It’s great for baking keto friendly cookies!

Check it here.

2. Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Vegan and gluten free oatmeal breakfast cookies totally packed with seeds and whole grain oats for an ultra healthy, delicious start to the day. Made with a rich base of sunflower seeds, these are nut free and sugar free and very high in protein.

Check it here.

1. Tahini Banana Bread with Sunflower Seeds

Vegan tahini banana bread with dates and seeds. This ultra healthy, grown up olive oil banana bread is packed with good stuff like whole wheat spelt flour and has a phenomenal texture.

Check it here.

15 Delicious and Healthy Sweet Snacks - 15 Best Snack Recipes

15 Delicious and Healthy Sweet Snacks - 15 Best Snack Recipes

Here are 15 delicious and healthy sweet snack recipes that are guilt-free!




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