Winter in Portugal

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Why do I like living in Portugal so much? Well, there are many reasons but let me just give you an example of today. It’s February 7, and my apartment is lit with sunshine, the temperature outside is +15. Yes, it’s a typical afternoon for a Portuguese winter day. I live in the north of the country, in the charming city of Porto. Here the temperatures never go to extremes because we have the careful Atlantic Ocean on the side that creates balanced temperature conditions at all seasons. In the winter it’s about 7-10 C warmer than just 100 km away from the ocean, to the center of Portugal, in the summer it’s about 8 C cooler than in the center thanks to the ocean’s fresh and humid breath.

Yoshi on a windy beach in Porto

(Yoshi on a windy beach in Porto 🙂 )

I just came back from a walk with Yoshi. She is so lucky that I’m in between the jobs and can spend with her about an hour a day in a park! Around 1 pm all the Portuguese are having lunch, so we have it just a bit earlier to have all the park just for us. Yoshi runs and jumps between the floor-beds like a crazy rabbit. When she meets cats, she hunts them and barks desperately when they climb the trees and she… can not!

This is our favourite park, it’s often almost empty, so Yoshi can run, it’s absolutely beautiful and it takes me just 5 min walking to get there. If we ever move away from this place (and we probably will some day), Yoshi and I will miss this park a lot.

The park has a fountain (stopped in the winter) and a romantic maze in which Yoshi loves to play hide-and-seek with me. Here’s a video from the walk we had today.

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