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I recently took this online program and this is my honest Dan Hollings The Plan review. I am ready to share with you an insider look into the course and the results I’ve got by the end of the first couple of weeks of testing the crypto bots with the settings suggested by crypto millionaire Dan Hollings, the creator of The Plan program.

It opens for enrollment for a limited time only (a couple of times per year), so if you are reading this product review to make your purchasing decision, definitely you are in the right place.

I’ve been investing in cryptocurrencies, and the cryptocurrency market and just holding the coins for several months in the hopes of making it my passive income stream in the long term.

Even as a beginner in crypto, I’ve already had a chance to see the prices of cryptocurrencies go up and down and two major market crashes that happened in 2023.

It’s exciting to see your crypto portfolio all green, but the truth is it’s not always growing.

Dan Hollings Review

And you know it very well if you’ve been on this market even for a little while.

I heard about crypto bots as an interesting passive way of making money on this market benefiting from its volatility. I watched some Youtube videos and tested crypto trading bots on my own (on a platform different from what Dan teaches in his program). I didn’t lose much money because I didn’t invest much but I also didn’t see any results from those bots. I simply had no idea what I was doing and so it didn’t work.

I kept buying a little bit of crypto every time the prices dipped but honestly, at some point I felt exhausted by contently watching videos of crypto gurus on Youtube to understand where the prices were going next. I started feeling that it becomes less passive for me than I thought it would be. Despite that, I could never tell when is a good time to sell and take profits from my crypto.

I needed some guidance, I needed a legit crypto trading course, and I guess, I finally found it. This space is full of scams and it’s so difficult to understand by just watching a webinar if this program is really worth the money.

Well, first off, this is just a training program that teaches you how to make money.

You are not sending your capital to Dan for him to manage your crypto bots.

You are learning from him a system that will help you manage your crypto on your own. In the most passive way possible.


What Dan teaches in his program is to use crypto bots that buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your behalf multiple times a day, so they are essentially taking profits from the volatility of this market every single day, in small amounts.

If you ever lose money using this method, it’s not from the activity of the bot. It’s only because of the overall market direction.

So instead of waiting for a huge price surge (which you never know when it might happen, especially if you are not doing this trading thing for a living), you are making little profits from small transactions and that totals a great profit that goes to your crypto exchange account right away.

You don’t have to close the bot to get your profits! You are getting the profits into your crypto exchange instantly from every transaction the bot makes on each of your coin pairs.

Who is Dan Hollings?

Dan has made a name for himself in the world of crypto as an internet super strategist and a crypto, NFT authority.

For three years, Dan has been perfecting The Plan, a crypto training and a method that has made him millions of dollars a month. He has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on it, but it is finally ready to be released to the public. 

Before his interest in the crypto market, Dan has been known for his program for Amazon sellers AmazoWorks. 


  1. Watching the video training can take you about 15 hours. I’ve gone through the entire program in 3 days.
  2. Scheduled live questions and answers sessions (+ you can watch the recordings later if you miss them).
  3. Setting up your bots initially can take you 2-3 hours. It may include creating accounts on a cryptocurrency exchange if you don’t have any yet. To keep an eye on your bots after the initial setup, you will need about 30 min a week.



Dan Hollings The Plan review

I was one of the beta testers of Dan’s program and the best part of being a beta student is that you can see how Rapid Crush and Dan’s team work consistently to improve the program and how they are committed to supporting members and ensuring their long-term success rate. The Plan includes office hours and they reply to emails with your questions pretty quickly.


Bitsgap is an all-in-one trading platform that supports trading, portfolio tracking (from all your crypto exchange accounts), bots, arbitrage, signals etc.

The main feature that you’ll be using on Bitsgap as part of The Plan by Dan Hollings, is crypto bot trading. What you really need to understand is that Bitsgap doesn’t keep your cryptocurrencies, they are always in your crypto exchange.

Bitsgap works with a large list of crypto exchanges, including Binance.US (for US residents), Binance.com (for global users), Coinbase, Kucoin, Kraken, Bybit and many others.

What is the cost of using Bitsgap? To implement what you will learn in this program, and to use a minimum of 5 bots, you need at least the $57/mo plan. That’s an additional cost you’ll have after joining the program.

What Are Other Extra Costs to Benefit from this program?

Dan’s system only makes sense if you set up your bot with at least $3000 of investment. Yes, it’s quite a significant amount of money but if you want to make passive income without doing the hard work on the crypto market, obviously, you need to be ready for an initial investment.

However, when you are just going through the program, Dan will always encourage you to first use Demo mode in Bitsgap to learn how things really work before you invest your real money.

When you trade your crypto, you do it through Bitsgap interface but it’s always connected to your crypto exchange. Bitsgap doesn’t charge you any extra fees except the monthly plan but of course, there are commissions you’ll pay on your crypto exchange for every transaction. These commissions are inevitable but keep in mind they are really tiny commissions and when you look at the bot profit, they are already factored in, so you are looking at the clean bot profit.

Does The Plan Work Similar to Day Trading?

No, it’s actually the opposite of day trading because you don’t have to do any work manually, and don’t have to be always on the lookout for the coin price to go up or down.

The crypto bot is trading digital currency on your behalf in a very low-risk way trading amounts that usually equals to something like 20 cents per transaction.

Day traders are trying to time the market.

Grid trading which you will learn how to set up in Dan’s training course, works more like dollar cost averaging (DCA) because it helps you make money by doing small buys of the crypto throughout the day thus covering all pricing points on the way.

Does the Plan System Work When the Crypto Market Is Going Down?

The good news is there is NO BETTER TIME to get going in crypto. Dan says that 50% of the reason he was able to make millions in crypto was that he started his “Plan” in a really bad market back in 2018. The other 50% was the fact he had a plan. We are at a similar point in time once again. Just like the stock market, crypto prices have been down, there has been a major black swan event with one of the crypto’s behemoth stable coins losing its peg (talking about Luna). Naturally, the media (including YouTube and social media) is pushing misinformation, scary stories, clickbait headlines, and just crazy theories of all sorts.

However, if you start your bots when the market is down, there is a higher chance that you’ll catch the best opportunity with the wiggle factor that Dan teaches when the market is volatile and slowly starts to recover. Please always keep in mind, that I am not your financial advisor, and Dan isn’t either, you have to do your own research before taking any kind of risk.

If you read some of the review details on the official website before joining The Plan, you’ll see a lot of screenshots with very impressive bot profit numbers but always keep in mind that these are individual results and they always depend on the choices you personally make in terms of choosing the coin pair, as well as the market conditions.

If you think about the real estate market, you could invest in a house and rent it for years making passive income. Even when the market is down, you are still renting it and making monthly profits. 

Why Most of the Dan Hollings Reviews Are Positive?

In the comments to my videos I noticed that some people have doubts before joining The Plan training program. It seems like all Dan’s students have only very positive reviews of this trading strategy and a lot of people claim they had a huge success using Dan Hollings’Plan. A lot of people believe that a lot of these reviews are paid ads. The truth is you’ll often notice an affiliate disclosure in the reviews.

That’s because the program offers a generous 40% commission if anyone makes a purchase through your link. If you join this program and you see that it works, and you are happy to recommend it to your friends or to your audience on social media.

Would you rather include your affiliate link or just publish the review without it? I think most of the people would include an affiliate link and hopefully, you could even recover the cost of the program for yourself too. I think it’s a win-win and the best way for the creators of this training to thank their members for recommending the program.

I personally think that Dan’s marketing strategist Jason Fladlien suggested this generous affiliate commission as a way to grow this program because advertising any products in crypto is very challenging due to restrictions applied to the entire crypto market. I also don’t see this marketing strategy as something unusual and don’t think that it’s in any way worse than bombarding us through social media channels with annoying ads like people do with other online courses.

What Does the Curriculum Look Like?

The Plan includes 6 sessions with several video lessons inside of each session.

Session 1

the plan crypto

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6


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