Cleaning tips and hacks to make your home clean fast and easy!

7 Cleaning Tips and Hacks and DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes

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I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning, I like to see the house nice and tidy, but the cleaning process is just so boring for me! I bet, many of you feel the same about it. So, when it comes to cleaning, I always try to do it as fast as possible without compromising on quality, though. If after cleaning something still looks dirty or dusty, for …

5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating | Top Productivity Tips

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Have you noticed that you have not been finishing most of your tasks on time? Have you just been laying in bed, scrolling your phone, or doing other things instead of the ones that are actually on your to-do list? If so, you could be in a state of procrastination. To put it simply, procrastination is the state of delaying or avoiding doing things for a much …

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I don’t have much to share today about work and blogging, we are in a festive mood, and Nuno brought me this wonderful flower today! I always prefer the flowers sold in a pot, and Nuno knows it, because it makes me sad to think of the traditional flower bouquets that won’t survive more than a week if you are lucky. Flowers in pots are alive, …

15 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen | Cleaning Hacks

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Keeping your kitchen organized can be quite a challenge no matter how big or small your space is. There’s a lot to struggle with when it comes to keeping your kitchen neat while also ensuring sure everything you need is still accessible. And, as much as I hate to admit, I am one of the people who put off organizing their kitchen until the last minute. But …

25 Best Thanksgiving Recipes – Dinner Parties for Your Family and Friends!

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I’m sure, now is the best time to start thinking about delicious Thanksgiving recipes to try this year for dinner parties with your family or friends! While I was looking for some ideas on my ever favorite search engine Pinterest, I made my small collection of Thanksgiving recipes which I find very useful to share with you. I know bloggers who are much more serious about cooking and recipes …

DIY Valentines Day Cards – Funny and Cute Ideas for Handmade Cards

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Looking for some awesome ideas to create handmade DIY Valentine’s Day cards? I’ve searched on Pinterest and on some DIY blogs and made a collection of my favorite ideas. Let me know if you like them, and save them to your Valentine’s board on Pinterest! 12. Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies This card has a definite sketchy look, so it lends itself well to …

Check out my TOP 5 Easter Decorations Ideas for Eggs to Try this year! Coloring Easter Eggs can be an adventure for all the family! Best Easter Decorations DIY for Kids.

5 Easter Decorations – Easter Eggs Ideas for 2023!

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Easter is coming soon, and Easter decorations  and Easter crafts always include Easter Eggs. It’s an excellent time for kids to have fun with parents decorating Easter Eggs. When I was a child, it was always an adventure to try new ways of Easter eggs coloring. We would do it every year in some new, unusual way – and the results were always a surprise. I’m sure, …

Porto – the Best European Destination 2023!

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Anastasia BloggerI’m Anastasia and I’m a full-time blogger, online entrepreneur, and Pinterest marketing strategist. I help digital entrepreneurs and bloggers drive targeted traffic from Pinterest either through my online courses or through Pinterest consultancy.

Looking for Christmas Party Ideas? How to Host the Best Xmas Party in 2023

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Are you hosting a Christmas Party this year? Then this collection of the best Xmas party ideas, including food ideas, games and decorations for your home is just for you! Want to have the best Christmas party ideas this year? Invite your friends, family, and all of your loved ones to celebrate the holidays with you this year with our Christmas party ideas 2023. We have prepared …

Family Christmas Pictures Ideas – Funny Family Christmas Photo Ideas [2023]

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Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas party ahead of time. Are you looking for some Christmas pictures with family ideas? I looked at the best photos published on various blogs and on Pinterest – here is my collection of fun family Christmas photos with kids, babies and Santa! Outdoor Christmas Picture Ideas Check it here Photo from here Check it here Check here Check it here Check …