10 Best Family Beach Picture Ideas – Funny Family Beach Photos to Try!

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Are you looking for some great family beach picture ideas? Check this collection of family beach picture ideas funny family beach photos. Most of the ideals are family beach pictures with baby 🙂

We all love the beach. It’s no wonder most people opt for beaches when they want to get a family picture. But there’s more to family photos than simply looking for a fancy and expensive beach resort you can spend the weekend at. As a beach lover myself, I’ve taken my daughter and husband to some wonderful beaches already in the past and took some amazing photos. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the family beach picture ideas that I know that you, too, can emulate in your own family photos. 

How to Dress for Family Beach Pictures

The venue, your poses, all constitute a great family beach photo. But one other important thing is your clothing. 

You need to wear something that is in motif. It has to be something that complements the background of the photo. 

One of the most popular colors you can wear at the beach is white. This is most effective if you want to take a picture with your family with the waves as your background or if the beach has white sand. White can be a great reflector against the sun and it also complements the color of the water and sand. 

Now, if you don’t feel like going all-white, you could consider pairing some of your white clothes with grey pants, skirts, or shorts. Grey is a close color to white. It is also chic and sophisticated. It contrasts splendidly to warm skin tones. Since the color grey doesn’t stand out too much, you can expect your beach photos to really pop. 

Here’s another idea: white and tan. If you want to push a  more timeless look, each of your family members could alternately wear something that is of white and tan, respectively. 

How to Take Family Pictures on the Beach

Let’s say that you already have a target destination and the right clothes to wear. What’s next? Here’s how to take family pictures on the beach

First, you really need to settle the right schedule. You couldn’t go on any day of the week because the beach could be full. You’d have a hard time taking good photos then because kids would be running or swimming around. In the waves, someone could be surfing or riding a motorboat. You never know when someone would walk past while your photographer is snapping the shots. 

I really recommend that you check in with the management first so that you really know what days the beach tends to have little people. The other alternative would be to rent the beach for a day or a few hours. 

Now that you’ve got a pictorial date set in place, here are some other pointers on taking your family pictures:

  • The photos should be in RAW

There’s so much more you could do with your photos after you’ve taken them. But if your photos aren’t saved in RAW, your editing options might be limited due to image quality. 

  • Shoot at sunrise or sunset

Don’t you just love the added effects?

  • Bring a tripod

Booking a beach to yourself isn’t cheap. So, if you don’t want to spend more on a photographer, know that you could still totally pull it off. You just need a tripod so that you can simply put the camera in self-timer and bring on your pose just in time. 

  • Polarizing filters

I love these since they are so good at intensifying colors. It’s also great for fixing up your background if the sun exposure is too much.

Toddler Beach Photoshoot Ideas

I always thought that family beach photos were easy. That was until I actually had to take a family beach photo with my toddler. To give you some pointers, here are some toddler beach photoshoot ideas:

The first thing you need is patience. Toddlers don’t really have an understanding that the reason you took the family to the beach is due to the photoshoot. The first time your kids heard that you were going to take them to the beach, I bet the only thing that came to their mind was “fun!”. Hence, it is important to set a mindset of patience when taking family photos with kids. You have to wait for the right moment. 

If you have to force a playful moment with the kids, it is most likely to end up in frustration or even crying from the kids’ end. I would recommend planting the camera where the children cannot see them and just let the kids have fun. 

Here’s another tip: capture the entire scenery. When you do get your kid to behave for just one photo, it would be a good idea to take a step back and capture the whole scenery. That said, you will be able to capture the entire beach experience. 

Lastly, go for candid photos. Emotions can be a great asset to a photo regardless of purpose. Besides, it’s a lot easier to capture candid shots of your children rather than convincing them to put on a pose. 

Beach Family Photos Ideas

I’ve had a lot of beach family photos already and I want to share with you some of the best ideas that I have our pictorials. Who knows? Maybe you could recycle some of these ideas. 

  • Forget about your hair

This only means that someone takes a photo of you completely candid and just having fun at the beach with your hair flying everywhere. 

  • Dive Off

You could have a friend or a photographer take a photo of your family diving from a high point into the waters. 

  • Surfboards

This is a classic pose. You could line up your family holding surfboards in your hands and smile for the camera. When we did this pose, I also asked the photographer to take a picture of me solo after. I just couldn’t resist. 

  • Palm Tree Shot

What I suggest is that you look for a series of palm trees and each family member will stand beside a single palm tree. And then you can get the photographer to take a shot of the entire scene. 

That’s about it for my all-time favorites but since I love going to the beach so much, over time, I was able to come up with a couple of poses that are unique to me. Check them out below. 

10. Family with Shoes on the beach


9. Kids in the beach


8. Baby with feet in the air


7. Sunset brother and sister


6. Family photo idea


5. Family with heart


4. Family pictures on the beach


3. A little boy on the beach


2. Newborn on the beach


1. Telling a story


Family Beach Picture Ideas

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