Christmas Ornaments

33 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas –  Elegant Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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DIY Christmas ornaments are always fun to do alone or even with the people you love. If you’re finding what kind of ornaments to do, I have good DIY Christmas ornaments ideas that I can share with star ornament, christmas crafts and craft for kids. 

Christmas Ornaments


Homemade Christmas decorations ideas

Christmas is the most festive time of the year so your home must look like it! And before you go out your way and break the bank buying all these decors, then why not make your own? I’ve got here an awesome collection of 33 easy yet elegant DIY Xmas ornaments found on different blogs and on Pinterest.

33. DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

I love rustic decor and today I am sharing a quick post on some DIY wood slice Christmas ornaments I recently made. 

32. Easy DIY Button Garland for the Christmas Tree

31. Embroidery Hoop Fun Christmas Ornaments

30. DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

These pretty ornaments are super simple to make.

29. Gorgeous Frosty Pinecone Craft

This frosty pinecone craft, although based on a classic, has a clever little twist that really gives its frosty appearance a special edge! These pinecones are super frosty, super sparkly and super fun for little hands to make!

28. Handmade DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

DIY mini snow globe ornament.

27. Easy DIY Christmas Popsicle Stick Handmade Ornaments – Plus a Tree Topper Too!

Popsicle stick ornament crafts are a time-honored tradition for kids! I know my mom and dad still have several that I made when I was little, and they have a spot on the tree even after all these years. Because even the simplest ornament can be a treasure when it’s homemade, don’t you think?

26. DIY Rustic Macramé Christmas Ornament

If you are into crafting and especially handmade decorative items for your home, I am sure that my photos will be self-explanatory, but just in case I provided a DIY tutorial. The materials and tools necessary for this Christmas ornament are anything but fancy because you only need red Christmas ornaments.

25. Cheap Homemade Advent Calendars – 7 Ideas with Toilet Paper Rolls

Instead of just tossing those empty toilet paper rolls into the trash, we can repurpose them as creative crafts for toddlers and preschoolers or use them as Christmas home decoration.

24. DIY Vintage Dictionary Flowers

23. Toilet Roll Reindeer Ornament for Kids to Make

Reindeer crafts are adorable but these Toilet Roll Reindeer ornaments might be the cutest ones ever. Gather up some empty cardboard rolls, and have the kids make a bunch to hang on the Christmas tree.

22. Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments

Made of cinnamon and applesauce this craft is kid-friendly and fun for all ages.

21. Computers Memory Recycled For Christmas

A perfect simple gift, for all the tech geeks I know and work that will be brought out again, year after year to hang on the tree. Memories, of the Holiday’s, a time in life where technology seems to be outdated so quickly and saved them from being sent overseas to be destroyed.

20. Holiday DIY: Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments Tutorial

You can fill glass ball ornaments with yarn, twine, feathers, fake snow, pine needles, and random craft supplies. You can also fill them with paint! All you need is a clear ornament and your favorite acrylic paint. I’m really loving Martha Stewart’s paint line. It is full of so many gorgeous colors and shades.

19. How to Make a Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

Crafters of all ages will enjoy making a primitive scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament to gift or keep this holiday season.

18. Mini Deer Pallet Ornament Christmas Decor

17. Crochet Stars – Free Ornament Pattern

These simple Christmas crochet stars are a free pattern that makes a fun and easy holiday project! Use them as ornaments on your tree or as decorations and appliques any time of year.

16. Make a Woven Star from Vintage Book Pages, Part Two

The woven star is a very old traditional pattern that goes by many names.

15. Roller Paper Ornaments

These bright rolled paper ornaments are substantially simpler and make for a whimsical handmade addition to your tree.

14. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

13. DIY Vintage Inspired Bell Jar Ornaments

These little ornaments are easy to make! So much fun making them, I went back and bought more wine glasses to make more!

12. Let it snow – Snowflake Tutorial

11. Snow Owl Ornaments

10. Paper Ornaments for the Family Traditions Tree

9. Easy Decoupage Santa’s Sleigh Map Ornament

I love this adorable homemade Christmas Ornament. This glass ornament is made with mod podge and a map. It’s a perfect project to add to your Merry Crafty Christmas this year! Trust me, it is easier than it looks.


8. DIY Indigo Marbled Ornaments

They look so beautiful on the tree.

7. How To Make Seashells Ornaments for Christmas

Have you ever collected a ton of seashells and you didn’t know what to do with them? We’ve turned shells into this handmade Christmas Seashell Ornament and a seashell wreath.

6. Felt Christmas Bear Ornament

This adorable little felt bear wearing his red scarf. This little bear is so easy to make.

5. DIY Button Garland for the Christmas Tree

4. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornaments

Easy to make Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornaments are a perfect little gift to give to the neighbors or to cover your tree with!

3. DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments

2. Two DIY Grinch Christmas Ornaments

Growing up, my favorite Christmas cartoon was always Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. When the movie with Jim Carrey was released, I fell in love! If that yellow-eyed fuzzy green Grinch is one of your favorite holiday icons, too, then you are going to love these two adorable DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments!

1. Wood Slice String Art Ornament

Most of these are easy, and you can even do DIY Christmas ornaments for kids. Look around your house or the nearest market for possible materials that you can use. Continue reading to know my cool DIY Christmas ornaments ideas and tricks.

DIY Christmas Ornaments As Gifts

DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts are a great route to take when you’re unsure what to give out. It’s useful and thoughtful because it was personally made by you. I’m sure that anyone who receives your DIY Christmas ornament creation will be thankful.

Your choices for DIY Christmas ornaments are absolutely endless. You can go from simple DIY Christmas ornaments to the most complex ornaments. Whatever you choose to do, what’s important to remember is that the receiver will be loving it. 

You can even personalize these gifts according to how you know the receiver. It’s also possible to include other things that remind you of them. Put it in beautiful Christmas boxes or wrappers and give it to them on Christmas day. 

Christmas ornament ideas

I’ve tried creating a lot of DIY Christmas ornaments throughout the years. I even got some help from my family when making them because I wanted to spend time with them. If you’re searching around for ideas, then you’re in the right place.

One of the easy DIY Christmas ornaments you can do is a Clothespin Ornament. It’s a great gift to give because receivers can hang the pretty ornament on their Christmas tree. You will only be needing to glue together clothespins to look like a snowflake and color it the way you want.

A cheap DIY Christmas ornaments idea is making Tissue Paper Ornaments. The star of the show is coloring shredded tissue paper in different colors. You can glue the colored shredded tissue papers to your ordinary Christmas balls to give life and color.

Painted Nut Ornaments are a great activity to give your kids and make an awesome decoration. Give them some paint and assorted nuts to decorate and see how creativity overflows within them. When they’re done, you can hang these pieces by using a gluing a thread on its tip.

What Materials Can I Use For DIY Christmas Ornaments?

Don’t limit yourself because whatever is available to you can be made into DIY Christmas ornaments. Look around your stored materials or the local store for cheap materials to use. 

If you need a helping hand, There are some essential materials that you should always keep in mind. Making DIY Christmas ornaments shouldn’t be as hard as they seem. Take note of what materials I’m going to mention, and find them when you have the time.

On top of the DIY Christmas ornaments materials list is glue! Glue is very significant in making DIY ornaments. Glue ties everything together, holds them in place and makes sure that your efforts won’t go to waste.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is all types and colors of paint. Search for possible leftover paint or look for cheap paints in your nearest art store. The paint you’ll use will give color to what was once dull when doing DIY Christmas ornaments. 

Can I Use Leaves For DIY Christmas Ornaments?

Absolutely! You can even make ornaments with popsicle sticks. You can make any DIY Christmas ornament from scratch as long as you have the right creative spirit. Leaves are a great addition to your ornaments.

Nature is your best friend when creating DIY Christmas ornaments. The leaves, flowers, branches, and even wood pieces can be made into a festive DIY Christmas ornament. Don’t be afraid to explore different types of leaves or leaf shapes paired.

Pair your leaves with flowers or paint them with colors that you’d like to have as decorations. Explore your backyard and look for inspiration within your available materials. Just make sure that whatever you get, clean it before working on them.

If you’re unsure of what kind of leaves to use, then I can name some of them, be sure to remember! Among the leaves, you can use are Mistletoe leaves, Holly leaves, and Ivy Leaves. Who knows, you might actually have some of the mentioned leaves ready to be decorated in your backyard. 

How To Make Good DIY Christmas Ornaments With Less Budget?

Making good DIY Christmas ornaments shouldn’t be all about the aesthetic, but you should also think about the budget. There are many alternatives when creating ornaments, and I’m here to help you out. What’s always important is the outcome of these Christmas ornaments. 

If you have a dollar store near you, that’s a great place to start finding cheap materials for your ornaments. Search what materials could be useful for you when making DIY Christmas ornaments. A dollar store is a great shop to find great deals and materials without breaking the bank.

Another thing to keep in mind is finding materials that are already available around your house. You might have some old Christmas materials stored away in the basement. You can revamp old ornaments and make them new.

Designing ornaments is always a great time to share the activity with your friends and family. You also do not have to go financially broke while getting your needed materials.

Don’t be stressed out in playing around with colors and materials for your ornaments. Get inspiration from available DIY Christmas ornaments you see around the internet. Having a great mind and budget is your key in successfully creating DIY ornaments.

Everything is all up to you when making these ornaments. I hope you keep in mind the ideas I’ve shared with you. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

How do you make homemade ornaments?

Christmas time is approaching and you know what’s the first thing most of us do once December (or even late November!) comes? Christmas tree hunting and decorating! Decorating a Christmas tree is a traditional family Christmas activity since families usually get together and bond while they are decorating the tree. But if you really want to make this holiday even more special and fun for the family, then instead of going out to buy tree ornaments, why not make some of your own? And do not worry, it is really not hard as it seems – even the children can join in on the fun!

Felt decor – aside from felt being barely dangerous for kids, making a felt decor will also be a fun activity for your kids. Let them draw their favorite figures on a felt then cut it out. Punch a hole, put a ribbon, and hang it on the tree.

Borrow from nature – why not make your Christmas tree look more alive by decorating it with some natural materials? Go to the backyard with your kids and get some fallen acorns and hang it on your tree! You can switch things up this year by hanging spray-painted pinecones on your Christmas tree.

Paper snowflakes – A snowflake is another symbol that just tells you Christmas is near. Cut out some paper snowflakes and hang it on the tree.

Cotton balls – if you have a few cotton balls to spare, then why not hang it on your tree for that snow effect? Just sew through two or three cotton balls, make a loop for hanging, and you’re done!

Cookie-cutter ornaments – Trace the cookie cutters onto patterned paper and cut them out. Place a small line of glue around the edge of the cookie cutter and place the cut paper on top, lining up all of the edges and let it dry. Attach a small loop of cord to the back of the ornament, let dry, and hang.

DIY Jingle bells – Get some small or large bells lying around the house and a ribbon!

Glitter branches – Cut some pieces of the branch from your Christmas tree and coat glue then glitter on it! Another great display idea that is shiny and decorative! 

Christmas Ornaments

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