We are getting ready for the big day!

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Hi, everyone! Today’s post will not be about work, it will be a little of our personal life reveal. When I read someone’s blog regularly, I usually expect to know a little more about the real life of the blogger, as it builds trust between us. Just as I expect it from other bloggers, I’d like to share sometimes the most important events in our life, and I hope you don’t mind 🙂

So, the big day is coming, I mentioned in my previous emails that Nuno and I decided to get married after knowing each other for 3 years. I think this step was logical and made both of us more relaxed and confident about our present and future.

We are almost ready with all the preparations, it does take a lot of time to plan everything, but I hope our wedding party will be worth it 🙂

Unfortunately, with all the responsibilities we have now, I didn’t have time lately to come up with some new useful posts. I hope you don’t feel lonely and promise to be back as soon as we are over with the wedding fuss.

See you soon!

Anastasia and Nuno

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