Winter Activities for Kids – Best Indoor and Outdoor Winter Activities

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Outdoor winter activities for toddlers

Winter is fast approaching, and in some places, winter is already here! And I know it is tempting to just stay indoors but did you know that there are a lot of fun activities you and your toddlers will enjoy when you go outside? And if you are living in a place where there is snow, then that’s more reason for you to step outside! But of course, before you let your kids freely roam outside, do know to keep them monitored at all times for their safety. In fact, go play with them so you can both monitor and bond with them at the same time!

With that said, here are fun outdoor winter activities your toddlers will enjoy:

  • Sledding – nothing feels better than gliding through the cool breeze on a sled. You just need to find a good hill or you can just be the one to pull or push your kids on their sled. And yes, you can easily DIY your own sled! 
  • Snowball fight – a classic wintertime game that does not really require much – just snow! 
  • Snow angels – Lie down and create a snow angel. You can amp it up a bit by adding extra details such as a face and accessories! 
  • Create a snowman – create your own snowman and dress it up with some rocks or buttons for the eyes, a carrot for the nose, and some branches for the arms! 
  • Build a snow fort or igloo – if you are done with your snowman, you can then move on by constructing your own igloo or snow fort. You just need a mini shovel or simply your hands to dig up a dome! 

Best indoor winter activities

Sure, playing outside the snow is fun and all but it is understandable where there are days you just want to stay inside your home and light a fire in your fireplace. However, it is also important to keep your kids entertained during the wintertime! Here are some indoor winter activities your kids will enjoy.

  • DIY Christmas decorations. A good Christmas tree should reflect your family. With this, give your children the freedom to decorate their tree how they want it (with a little guidance from your of course).
  • Bake. Nothing beats a chilly weather than a warm batch of baked goodies! This will also encourage your kids to know their way around the kitchen! 
  • DIY snowman decor – you can decorate your house with some snowmen using popsicle sticks, cotton, socks, and more! 
  • Board games – Take out your board games and play a game that is fun for all ages! This is a good way for the whole family to bond.

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Best Outdoor and Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

There are several ways and activities to take advantage of the chilly, winter season! Here are fun outdoor and indoor winter activities your kids will love!


15. How to Paint With Snow

With some cardstock, brushes and of course some snow, you can create a craft day to remember with your kids. Here is how to paint with snow.

Check it here.

14. Snow Dough – A Winter Version of our Wildly Popular Moon Dough

Well with the wintery weather upon us we decided it was time to create some Snow Dough! This Snow Dough variation on our Moon Dough recipe is fantastic for some indoor winter play.

Check it here.

13. Winter Reading Books for Kids: Have A Winter Reading Challenge

I love coming up with some fun winter reading books for kids. When the twins were younger, we always had a winter reading challenge. They had so much fun with it and it became a game to them.

Check it here.

12. Super Fast Borax Crystal Snowflakes

At STEAMsational, we believe that STEM activities for kids should be both comprehensive and fun. That’s why we often do seasonal versions of classic science experiments. In this experiment, kids can learn how to make super fast borax crystal snowflakes!

Check it here.

11. Polar Bear Craft For Preschool Kids

Polar bears are one of the most overlooked animals, especially when it comes to moms teaching their toddlers about the common animals of the animal kingdom. If you agree (and the fact that they’re incredibly cute), here’s something for you.

Check it here.

10. How To Make The Best Crystal Snowflakes

So, being a science family, we decided to do a little comparison experiment at home, to see which technique yielded the best looking crystal snowflakes.

Check it here.

9. Homemade Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Each year, as the weather starts to turn chilly, I find myself scouring my imagination (and the Internet) for indoor-appropriate, child-friendly, and inexpensive craft projects. (I know, it’s a tall order.) One of my favorite finds is this cookie cutter bird feeder recipe!

Check it here.

8. Creamy Snow Ice Cream

How to make Snow Ice Cream that tastes as creamy and delicious as the original! This delightfully sweet treat takes just a couple minutes to make and is made with 4 ingredients you have in your kitchen!

Check it here.

7. Snow Day Activities

We have had so much fun celebrating the holidays so far, driving through light parks, singing Christmas carols & watching our favorite holiday movies. For us, like many of you, the holidays continue with a little extra down time before the kids return to school.

Check it here.

6.  10 Great Ways To Energize Your Homeschool In December

By the time December rolls around in our homeschool, we are all more than ready for a break. We have been going nearly non-stop like little educational Energizer Bunnies, churning along day after day with limited breaks.

Check it here.

5. How to Make Ice Globes – Christmas Lights in the Snow

We just got through a cold snap here in Ontario, but that’s okay because it’s perfect for our project this week! We are bringing you a great idea for a unique outdoor Christmas display.

Check it here.

4. Creating The Perfect Frozen Bubble

We have tried for years to create the gorgeous frozen bubbles you see splashed around on various media outlets during the the polar vortex deep freezes every winter. Inevitably it always failed. It took years of practice, lots of research into the science, testing and experimentation, and waiting for the perfect weather conditions until finally we achieved success!

Check it here.

3. Free Preschool Winter Worksheets 

Get these free printable preschool winter worksheets to help keep your kids busy this winter while they learn! You’ll get five fun sheets with a snowman theme.

Check it here.

2. Free Printable Winter Bingo

These winter bingo picture cards are a cheerful way to brighten a dreary winter day. They’re also great for your child because they encourage paying attention to detail, listening carefully, and practicing visual discrimination. I hope you have as much fun playing with them as my family does!

Check it here.

1. Frosty the Snowman

This is a brilliant winter science experiment and could be decorated however you wanted. My children LOVED watching the frost appear.

Check it here.

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