DIY Summer Home Decor Ideas 2020 – Decorating Trends

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What is trending in home decor 2020?

With every changing season, home decor trends change as well. And this 2020 is no different. This year’s trending in home decor consists of a more earthy and homey interior design and accents. This includes earth tones such as shades of brown, green, yellow, and other warm natural colors. Floral wallpapers are also a must-have this year especially in bathrooms and foyers where a little splash of color would liven up the space. Furniture and accessories that are made from wood, plants, and metal also provide a very warm touch to one’s home. So do not be scared to use some rattan or wooden furniture and accents. It is also good to add some luxurious touches to natural materials like incorporating marble finishes in bathrooms and keychains as well as vases, candleholders, and other displays. And lastly, do not forget to add some plants to the corners of your room (and even in your porch) as well as a bunch of handmade goods and displays.

How can I decorate my living room in the summer?

If you are someone who wants to match your living space with the season, then you must be excited to do some summer makeover to your living room! Following this year’s home decor design trends, here are some ideas on how you can decorate your living room for the summer:

  • The key to a bright and summer-y living room is to incorporate bright colors and light fabrics to your furniture and accessories.
  • Adding a few touches of wood will also warm up your living room and add a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to your space.
  • Of course, do not forget the greens! Add some indoor plants in corners of your living room and on your tables. You can also bring out fresh hydrangeas to your main living room table.
  • A bit of art won’t hurt. Go and hang or display some art that will bring color and dimension to your living room.
  • Scented candles or oils that remind you of the beach or the summer season will perfectly finish off your living room makeover.

How do I decorate my front porch for the summer?

Depending on your style be it chic, rustic, modern, or traditional, your front porch must be well-decorated and inviting for your guests to see! The best way to welcome your guests into your home this summer is by decorating your front porch warmly with the right furniture and accessories. Change your pillows and linens to something light or brightly colored. Also, look for rugs with colors that remind you of summer. And lastly, some potted greeneries beside the door or hanging on the ceiling can lighten anyone’s mood. And for the afternoon or early evening, bring out some candle lanterns or fairy lights to set the mood to your front porch.

Summer room decor ideas

The oncoming summer season is a good excuse to do some major makeover on your home, particularly your own room. If you need some home decor inspirations, I have listed some summer room decor ideas that you can incorporate in your own space:

15. Summer Porch Decor Ideas

One of the best features of our little stone cottage is our covered front porch. It’s the first house we’ve ever had with a porch like this and, even though it needs a lot of work, we use it and love it.

Check it here.

14. Simple Summer Front Door Basket

I’ve already tackled a tulip wreath for the front door but the start of warm weather means that it’s time to dress the door for summer.

Check it here.

13. Tips for a Summer-Ready Patio

Our patio is a favorite spot for relaxing and entertaining and today I’m sharing tips for getting a patio summer-ready.

Check it here.

12. Summer Mantel with Mason Jars and Lemons

Does your mantel need a summer refresh? Until recently mine was still decorated for spring. This month’s Pinterest Challenge gave me the motivation I needed to come up with a new design. Our inspiration pin this month was a summer mantel and it inspired me to create my version, a Summer Mantel with Mason Jars and Lemons.

Check it here.

11. How To Make A Unique DIY Moss Garden Wall Art

For my project, I wanted to create a summer vignette for the bench that sits on my front porch. It’s such a fun space to decorate.

Check it here.

10. Yarn-Wrapped DIY Flower Pot

If you are a flower person and love to have plants at your home, this craft might be just for you. Have plain terracotta plant pots at home that just look too dull?

Check it here.

9. How To Make Beautiful Applique Clay Flower Pots

This is the perfect time of year to make some beautiful applique clay flower pots! Why pay for expensive flower pots when you can DIY using Efex appliques? You are going to love this easy technique and, they are going to transform your outdoor or indoor space too. 

Check it here.

8. How to make DIY Marbled Pots: Which paint marbling technique is best?

Spring is in the air and I am ready to get outside and enjoy this nice weather. So when it came to coming up with my next DIY project, I was thinking that I need to try to make DIY marbled pots. I REALLY needed to update some of the old terracotta pots I had on my deck.

Check it here.

7. DIY Outdoor Crate Coffee Table with Wheels {Rustic, Farmhouse}

In the tutorial below, I will show you how to make an easy and cheap DIY wooden crate coffee table (with wheels)! You can use this rustic coffee table both indoors and outdoors- the instructions below will ensure it is stained, sealed, and weatherproofed.

Check it here.

6. DIY Floral Wall Hanging {A Little Farmhouse, A Little Boho Spring Home Decor}

Are you looking for a fun, easy and trendy DIY to spruce up your home for spring? This DIY floral wall hanging is the perfect solution! A little farmhouse, a little boho – it’s right on trend with what’s popular this season – and for a few dollars to create!

Check it here.

5. How To Make A Simple Bee Water Station For Your Garden

Support the bees in your garden while adding a pop of colour, with our DIY bee water station.

Check it here.

4. Yarn-Wrapped DIY Glass Vase

Many people spend tons on home ornaments, such as décors, flower vases, and other accent pieces. But we’re not part of the many, we’re a unique bunch of crafters. We are experts at hacking our way into beautiful DIY pieces, like this DIY yarn-wrapped glass vase.

Check it here.

3. DIY Yarn Wreath Using Ladybird Craft Ideas

Are you looking for summer kids craft ideas? With the children off school we have been doing plenty of art projects and Erin and I are enjoying making spring wreaths for the family. We have really embraced our creative side and loved making this super easy DIY yarn wreath.

Check it here.

2. Tips For How To Make A DIY Planter From Upcycled Containers

Now I love to shop at Goodwill and Thrift Stores it is so much fun to find what we need or random treasures on a budget. Now I am not an expert but I loved the simple tips that we were given that I am planning ot make a couple of these as a Christmas present.

Check it here.

1. Easy Tips To Upcycle Patio Furniture

Upcycle Patio Furniture, its something that is all new to me.  I wanted to get a bistro set for our front patio but I was not falling in love with anything I fund in stores and they were also so expensive.  Now I was nervous with it not being fenced in someone taking it so I wasn’t wanting to spend a lot of money on a patio set.

Check it here.

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