Boys Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms – DIY Design on a Budget

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How should I arrange my boy’s bedroom?

No matter how you try to prevent it, your kids will grow up. And so, they will need to have a room of their own. If you are a mom, then it is quite easier for you to organize and decorate your daughter’s room, while your teen boy’s room can become quite a challenge. But of course, before you start, you need to consider your teen’s needs and preferences. Just like any other room, your teen boy’s room should have several comfortably organized areas: a sleeping one, a study one, a hangout if possible, and of course, the storage should be organized at its best. You can always go for the industrial theme, vintage, modern, or any style they prefer. But here are some more basic tips and ideas on how you can arrange and decorate your boy’s bedroom:

Sleeping Area

Of course, the most important corner in your son’s room is the space where he will sleep. Make sure you decorate it with a style that he likes which includes his passion and hobbies. For example, if he likes music, put up some album cover posters. For sports, hang his medals or prizes and some photos or the classic sports tees. You will want to create a space where he is the most comfortable in. 

Create a Study Space

Make sure you have a space provided where a desk can go in. Ideally, placing it by the window to maximize the light is your best option. For tiny rooms, a wall-mounted desk with shelving units is the way to go.

Organization System and Storage

Most of the time, teen boys are untidy and will leave their things where they want. But a way to prevent this is to provide them with a storage unit for their things. This includes a closet, drawers, hangers, cubbies, and so on. 

Hangout area

If your teen’s room is fairly spacious, then why not set an area where your kid and his friends can hang out in? You can simply put a couple of bean bags in one corner and a coffee table, or maybe a gaming area and the likes.

How do you make a boy’s room cozy?

Your teen boy’s room should be his own safe space where he feels the most comfortable in. With that said, you need to do your best to make his room cozy and welcoming. But do not worry, it is not hard nor impossible to do. Here are some tips on how to make your son’s room cozy:

Create a cocoon

Turn your child’s bed into a cozy space where they can draw their curtains themselves. Place in a thick and soft mattress, soft pillows, and of course a fan or air conditioner. 

Limit stimulation 

This is where the importance of organization and storage come in. A crowded and messy room will highly disrupt sleep patterns and easily distract your kids from resting. 

Use the right colors

Your choice of color has a significant effect on the ambiance of a room. Colour instantly defines a room and can make it feel warm or cool, depending on the shades you choose and how you use them. Warm colors will make the space feel more welcoming and comfortable while lighter shades such as pinks and purples will provide a soothing ambiance. 

Boy bedroom ideas 

Looking for some awesome boy’s bedroom ideas for small rooms that your kids will love? Here are some inspirational DIY boys room ideas – save them to your Home Decor or Boy’s Bedroom board on Pinterest to check them later when you are ready to start remodeling!

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Did you like these ideas? Save them to your Home Decor or Boy’s Bedroom board on Pinterest to check them later when you are ready to start remodeling!


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