12 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Are you looking for some inspiration for a modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas? I’ve got here a beautiful collection with so many options! You can play with color (doesn’t have to be all-white, even though it is trendy), variations of hardware, wood or stone and other great ideas you definitely should consider before you start the renovation.

With that said, here is a compilation of 12 modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas for inspiration! 

12. Farmhouse Kitchen – Wood Wall

Get inspired with this a gorgeous modern farmhouse kitchen design – it has an amazing barn wood accent wall.

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11. Make a statement with a kitchen island

Islands are quite common in modern farmhouse kitchen style. In most of the kitchens, you will find islands covered with a marble countertop. This kitchen is a perfect example of how thinking outside the box can bring you to a beautiful result. This rustic wooden workbench is a true statement item in this kitchen design.

10. The elegance of brass hardware in farmhouse decor

Would you like to bring a hint of elegance to your modern farmhouse kitchen? Brass details on light fixtures, cabinet hardware will create a fresh and beautiful contrast with the rustic finishes of your kitchen.

Photo found here

9. Vintage pieces in your Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern farmhouse style perfectly blends with vintage elements!

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8. Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic Beams

Add a strong rustic style accent to your kitchen with wooden beams.

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7. Throw in a pop of color

This baby blue color looks very nice in a country kitchen as an alternative to the all-white farmhouse design trend.

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6. Make a statement with pendant lights

You will often find pendant lights above the island workspace in farmhouse kitchens. In this kitchen, the interior designer decided to go for a bold statement with pendant lights – and it looks gorgeous.

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5. Small Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Even in a small kitchen you can use the space perfectly and create a farmhouse style flair!

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4. Modern rustic kitchen?? Here is one

This rustic kitchen with industrial details has a unique island and really looks like a one of its own kind.

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3. Shiplap cabinets are your friend

Shiplap wood paneling is absolutely in line with the overall farmhouse style.

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2. Warm Wood Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen demonstrates how wood always adds some warmth and cozy feel to a kitchen design.

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1. Choose bar stools with a twist

At the kitchen island, you can often see counter stools that are a great fit to the rustic style. But modern farmhouse style invites some industrial and modern accents and details. These low-back wood stools with leather seat add some modern flavor to this farmhouse kitchen.

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