10+ Powerful Youtube Tools To Grow Your Youtube Channel

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Let’s be real, whether you notice it or not, Youtube has become a part of everyone’s, or at least this generation’s, lifestyles. Youtube has grown to be one of the most influential social media channels that is used by people all around the world. The opportunities are endless for both creators and businesses as video consumption trends continue to grow at such rapid rates.

Everyone is going online. What I mean by this is that small and big businesses are leveraging online platforms to promote their brands. And guess what? They are successful in it too. This means that you should definitely take advantage of what Youtube can do in terms of making passive income and growing your business.

In this post, I will tell you why you should start a Youtube channel, how to take your Youtube channel to the next level, and the best practices and tools for Youtube creators you must have.

The Best Youtube Creator Tools You Should Have

Let us first start with the topic that you mainly visited this post for. I have here the best Youtube tools to streamline your online success. These tools will help you manage your youtube channel and will help you take your Youtube channel to the next level.

Keyword Research Tools

Just like Google, Youtube is a place where you type in a question or a topic you are looking for, and several video suggestions will pop up. This means that Youtube heavily relies on keywords and SEO. With that in mind, I have here a keyword and Youtube SEO tool that can help you get to the top of the Youtube search results.


VidIQ is one of the most used and effective Youtube tools to boost your video and channel views. This keyword tool can help you discover keyword, title, and description recommendations designed to get more views to your channel and subscribers for free. It’s one of the best Youtube SEO and analytics tools.

VidIQ - Best tools for youtubers


But aside from this, VidIQ can also track and compare the performance of your channel in real time so you can understand what works best for your channel. VidIQ is completely free to use with their basic plans but you can unlock more features with their plan upgrades.

Channel Management Tools

When you first start your Youtube channel, you will of course be handling and managing everything. From making your account to managing it. But to make your life easier, there are several tools that can be used to help your channel management much easier.


TubeBuddy is basically what its name means – your Youtube Buddy in the form of a free browser extension. It is a great and trusted tool to help you when it comes to managing your channel. TubeBuddy will help manage your channel by helping you with keyword research, promoting your videos, and technically becoming your all-in-one Youtube marketing tool.

Aside from this, TubeBuddy will guide you through YouTube’s Best Practices and ensure your videos are set up for success. They also have a variety of tools to help promote your video content across the web and use your existing videos and video performance to drive traffic to new uploads.
Check out TubeBuddy here.

Youtube Video Editing Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are searching for one of the best video editing tools out there, then Adobe Premiere Pro should definitely be on top of your list. Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software that is made to help you create basic to advanced videos to Youtube.

This tool also has professional templates and lets you have the freedom to customize your own animation, animated graphics, and titles. Adobe Premiere Pro lets you edit all kinds of footage, whether from a professional camera or from your phone — up to 8K resolution!

You can check out Adobe Premiere Pro here and start a free trial.


Filmora is a beginner-friendly video editing tool that can help you create impressive and engaging videos for your Youtube channel. This video editing software has built-in editing features that can help you create videos in only a few steps. Filmora also do have advanced editing functions for professional video editors including keyframing, motion tracking, and more.

You can check out Filmora here and start a 7-day free trial.

VLLO (for mobile)

If you want a handy video editing tool that you can use anytime and anywhere, then you definitely should have VLLO. This mobile app has built in templates, fonts, effects, and more! 

The good thing about this app is that if you are someone who films using your mobile phone and you don’t have a camera yet, then you can directly edit your clips on your phone and not transfer it to your laptop or computer anymore.

You can download and use VLLO for free and unlock upgrades for more features. Check it out here.

Graphic Design Tools

If you are someone who does not have experience in graphic designing, then do not worry because there are design tools out there that can do the job for you.


Canva is a free tool that will easily become your best friend when it comes to graphic design. This graphic designing tool can help you make an attractive youtube thumbnail that is sure to gain clicks! 

You can also use it for Youtube header, icon, and some cute graphics in your About Me section.

The best part about this is that you can create your graphics anytime and anywhere with their mobile app. Aside from this, they have thousands of gorgeous free templates and icons that you can use to your heart’s content!

You can try out Canva for free here.

Adobe Photoshop

If you are a more advanced graphic designer and you want to make an eye-catching thumbnail for your Youtube video, then you must already know that Adobe Photoshop is the tool to go. But, this tool is still very much beginner friendly. Aside from its advanced tools, Adobe Photoshop regularly rolls out new features to make editing and graphic designing fun for you.

And did you know you can edit videos on Adobe Photoshop as well? You can add audio tracks and even transitions to your videos. You can learn more about the feature here.

Check out Adobe Photoshop here.

Youtube Monetization Tools

I am sure that one of your main goals on Youtube is to make passive income through your videos, right? Well, there are certain tools you need that can help monetize your videos easier and quicker.

Youtube Studio

The official tool YouTube Studio Monetization can assist you in quickly monetizing your channel. Youtube studio allows YouTube creators to get paid for their uploaded videos. Creators can access the Copyright Match Tool to protect their works and monetize them. It’s one of the best free Youtube tools by your side.

Aside from this, you can get all data from Youtube analytics here, manage and monitor your channel and video performance, grow your channel, interact with your audience, and make money all in one place.

You can access your Youtube Studio here.

Youtube Live Streaming Tools

Another great way to start making money on Youtube is through live streaming. People can send you money in various ways like in the form of gifts, or through monthly subscriptions. Live streaming is also a great way to build and strengthen your and your communities’ relationships.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a well-known, free and open-source video recording and live streaming software when it comes to live streaming on several online platforms including Youtube. This platform high-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing. You can also make your live streams a bit more fun and creative by putting overlay backgrounds on your streams, graphics, and such.

You can try out and download OBS Studio for free here.

Stream Labs

Stream Labs is another trusted open source software for live streaming on several platforms including Youtube. If streamers are not using OBS, then it’s most likely that they are using Stream Labs instead. This live streaming tool is also free and beginner friendly. It has free stream background overlays to make your streams fun and entertaining to watch.

You can try out and download Stream Labs for free here.

Other Youtuber Tools 


When you upload Youtube videos, you would not want them to reach only people within your country, right? This is where Rev becomes really helpful for your overseas viewers. 

Rev provides subtitles to your videos that allow you to reach new audiences across the globe by making subtitles for you in 16 different languages! Aside from this, Rev can easily make transcript of your videos incase you want to convert your content to blog posts

Check out Rev here.


English is not everyone’s first language. In fact, even if English is your first language, you can still encounter moments where you have grammatical errors. With that said, Grammarly is going to be your trusty best friend.

Grammarly can help you correct grammar and sentence constructs for your Youtube script. It can also suggest you a tone that you should use depending on your topic.

You just need to install their extension and you can already get suggestions from Grammarly while you write in desktop applications and sites across the web—as you move between apps, social media, documents, messages, and emails.

Get Grammarly for free here.

Why You Should Start A Youtube Channel

I’ll say it outright now: Yes, you can make money on Youtube. Youtube has been one of the most influential social media and online platforms worldwide right now – whether it be for news, entertainment, or education. With this, content creators and business owners have been migrating to Youtube to build their brands, build their communities, and gain more income.

If you are a business owner, a creator, a person who loves to create videos, or just someone who wants to make an extra passive income on the side, then I highly recommend starting a Youtube channel.

And if you are still looking for more reasons to convince you to start creating a Youtube account, then I have here a list for you:

1. Extra Source of Traffic

Do you have a website or blog? Do you have a business that needs more customers or leads? Youtube is a great way to redirect your target audience to your website or blog. Youtube can easily become one of your main traffic sources to your website since it is undeniable that a lot of people are on Youtube.

So there’s always a high chance that your videos will be seen by a bunch of people.

Just make sure to introduce yourself, your brand, and your business at the beginning of every video and link your website in the description of the video.

It’s worth mentioning here that your blog can also be a great place to send audience to certain playlists on the channel. You can have links to your Youtube channel in several places on the blog (for example, in the top menu or sidebar together with other social media buttons, or on your About page).

You should also definitely share Youtube videos from your channel in the relevant articles on your blog.

2. Another Source of Income

Did you know people were able to quit their full-time jobs thanks to Youtube? Well, this doesn’t mean you have to copy them, but I am just saying that Youtube can become another source of income to fund your lifestyle.

Notice how Youtube content creators were able to buy their dream house or dream car after starting a Youtube channel. And yes, you can achieve that, too.

All it needs is consistency and hard work in uploading high-quality videos.

3. Build Your Own Brand

Whether you are a content creator or a small business, you will still have to find and establish your own unique brand. For example: What are you known for? Through this, you can present yourself the way you want to through a simple online video.

4. Build a Community

Youtubers probably have one of the strongest fanbases and online communities out there. You should view your Youtube channel as one of the best places for you to create and build a community. With this, you should consistently reply to comments, ask questions at the end of your videos, answer questions from your viewers, and even host giveaways.

How To Promote Youtube Channel

Sure, growing your Youtube channel can take time but it is not impossible. Let me show you the effective things and strategies to do to grow and improve your Youtube channel for monetization.

1. Post consistently

This one should be pretty obvious. If you want your videos on Youtube to be seen, then you have to continue uploading new videos and new content. You do not have to upload and create Youtube videos every single day. In fact, you can upload videos once or twice every week and keep it consistent.

2. Have a content plan

If you are having trouble posting consistently, then it may be because you do not have a plan or video ideas ready to be implemented. I like to make a content plan or list of video ideas so that whenever I am on a creative block and run out of video ideas, I can just take a look at the list I make and get inspiration from there.

3. Look at your competitors’ Youtube channel and videos

This does not mean I am telling you to copy word per word and frame per frame their Youtube videos. In fact, you will notice that most Youtube videos are practically the same – just with different titles. Look at the topics that work best for them and try to make one on your own that is better and is consisting of more ideas and knowledge.

4. Engage with your audience

Your audience is what will help you grow on Youtube. Cherish them and build them. Don’t just post videos and end it there. You should talk to them – not to yourself. Before ending your video, ask them to post a comment, ask them about their day, what they got from your video, and the likes.

5. Utilize the best tools for Youtube content creators

You are basically a one-man team once you start your Youtube channel. With this, it can get overwhelming sometimes especially if you are managing multiple Youtube channels. So, this is where the right Youtube tools will come in handy. I hope that the Youtube tools I mentioned at the start of the post can help your Youtube journey progress quicker and easier.


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