Ultimate Bundles – The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Review 2023

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What is the Ultimate Bundles Blogging Toolkit?

(note: the right name is “The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit”)

Even as a newbie blogger, you need to learn so many aspects of blogging, including SEO, social media, getting traffic, converting traffic, email marketing, affiliate marketing, sponsorships and other ways to monetize your blog.

If you go to all the courses which you need to take even as a beginner to master all these parts of blogging education, you will easily get to somewhere between $4000 and $6000, depending on the quality of those courses which you choose.

But who can afford that, especially before you start making a stable income with your blog?

So, the “The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit” by Ultimate Bundles is a collection of courses, ebooks, tools and other resources for bloggers, sold at a crazy 97% discount – for less than $100!

My Story with Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

When I started blogging about two years ago, I was working full time and trying to find any excuse at all to pay for a blogging course that costs about $400, which was a significant part of my salary at that time.

I was fed up of my cubicle life I had to live for over 10 years, so thought of this course as an investment into my future freedom.

I will not tell you the name of the blogger who sold it and even what was the exact topic of the course – it’s just not my point. It could have been any other course. It was about blogging anyway and it wasn’t a bad course. I learned from it how to master one specific aspect of blogging and it helped me grow some traffic to my blog.

My point is that it was just one aspect of blogging and there were so many other missing elements of this puzzle every blogger has to work on to be successful.

And then I heard the first time about the Ultimate Bundles and their 6-day flash sale on which I was able to buy courses worth about $6000 in total for less than $100!

To be completely honest with you, after looking at all the courses and resources in the blogging bundle, I regretted buying that $400 course that covered just one specific aspect of blogging. Because I could learn so much more for less of investment if I knew about the bundle earlier! Since that day, whenever a new Ultimate Bundle comes out, I am probably the first one to buy. Because I know I will not get the same value for $100 in the next 365 days…

Which Courses and Bonuses are Included in The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018?

When you buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, you’ll get access to 41 eCourses, 15 eBooks, 9 printables & workbooks, 5 stock photo collections and 2 membership sites.

Just some of the courses that are included (and their regular price) will blow your mind!

  • Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers by Carly Campbell ($79.00)
  • my Tailwind Scheduler course ($37,00)
  • Irresistible Email from Ruth Soukup ($297.00)
  • Pin Practical Boost: Your 101 Quick Start Guide to Pinterest Ads! by Monica Froese ($97.00)
  • Master Pinterest Keywords Tracking Spreadsheet & Training by Lena Gott ($47.00)
  • and a ton of blogging resources and tools: FREE theme, 4 ready-to-use templates, 10 stock photo packs ($298.00).

This year’s Genius Bloggers Toolkit bundle includes resources on:

  • Blogging & Monetizing
  • Pinterest Courses and eBooks
  • Social media management for successful bloggers
  • SEO education
  • Email Marketing, List Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Writing Tools, Book Selling
  • Branding
  • Online Business Development
  • Legal & Financial Resources For Bloggers

Genius Bloggers Toolkit Early-Bird Bonuses

If you order your Genius Bloggers toolkit before October 12th and you will get these incredible early-bird bonuses!

  • Tailwind app – 3 months FREE (this is the official partner of Pinterest and the scheduler I use for managing my Pinterest accounts). You can get an exclusive free 3-month Tailwind access to the tool if you purchase the bundle. So, you have a chance to try out the tool and take my Tailwind video course included in the bundle (Value $45).
  • ConvertKit – 2 months FREE is the email provider I use to send you these emails. It’s one of the leaders in the email marketing automation field. When I started using it, I had only 14 days of a regular trial. Guess what? You can try it out for two months free! (Value $58).
  • Podia – 3 months FREE is a platform to sell online courses, memberships and digital downloads to your audience. With Podia, you can create a beautiful storefront in minutes and start selling your digital products – no technical knowledge needed, and no third-party plugins required. You’ll get to try it out with a free 3-month Shaker Subscription. (Value $237).
  • Stencil – 2 months FREE. Stencil is designed to help you create beautiful images faster than ever before. Creating visual content should be simple, fun and lightweight …even if you’ve never used an image editing program before. With millions of photos and icons built right in, Stencil is the easiest visual marketing tool for bloggers, social media marketers and small businesses (Value $40).
  • Plus, get a free premium WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. (Value $35).

My Personal Way to Say Thank You

Have I mentioned that my Tailwind scheduler video course is also included in the bundle? And you already know me as a Pinterest expert. I’m running two blogs, an Instagram account, a Facebook group, I make money with ads, affiliate products, with my own courses – well, I dare to call myself an expert in blogging overall.

For my readers, I am going to give away something priceless…

If you have been blogging for a while, you know that we can never have enough of it…

I am going to give you my TIME and KNOWLEDGE in one exclusive package.

I can offer you a personal blogging coaching 20-minute call via Skype or Zoom where you can ask me all your questions – about Pinterest, about starting a website, about the tools I use as a blogger, about the ways I make money blogging, you name it.

To claim this exclusive bonus from me, buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit here and then send me an email to hello{at}anastasiablogger.com with your receipt in the attachment.

Why is “The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit” so Cheap? (Is it a Scam?)

You are probably thinking now that 97% discount simply can’t be real, this must be some kind of scam or something. How are these expensive courses sold with such a huge discount?

I know you might be thinking so because I had the same doubts before buying the blogging bundle last year. So, do you really get access to all the courses which are promoted in the sales page of  “The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit”?

Yes, you do! You have access to all the courses and materials and the bonuses included in the bundle within one year from the purchase.

Why would course creators put their courses on such a crazy sale? Are these ebooks and courses outdated or something?

Nope, every year the Ultimate Bundles team makes a thorough selection of blogging courses and other resources which were published that year. They collect the applications for many months in advance and check each and every course added to the bundle.

This means that NONE of the courses that are in the GBTK 2018 will be ever again available on this huge sale. Not in the next year, not in 2020, never again they will add the same courses or ebooks to the blogging Ultimate Bundle if it was once on sale.

Then what course creators are gaining from this sale? Well, every contributor to the Ultimate Bundles has his reasons. Yes, many products will be sold a lot cheaper than their regular price.

But there are other potential wins for course creators, I’m telling you this because in 2018 my Tailwind Scheduler Course is included in the bundle and I know what I’m talking about.

For me, the main win is to be acknowledged by an authoritative company in the blogging world, as an author of a high-quality course. Also, when the Ultimate Bundles go on sale, so many bloggers want to join into the promotion as affiliates or contributors that the number of copies of this product, sold in just 6 days, is something I could hardly make in a year selling only my own course.

The number of copies for me means that a lot more people will know about me as an expert in Pinterest marketing. What I will do with these new prospects, will I offer them my Pinterest course or my Pinterest audit or Pinterest management services? That’s a whole new topic for another blog post. But I hope you got what I mean here. Every blogger who participates in the bundle probably has some reasons to give their courses away with a huge discount.

You can get 97% OFF not because something is wrong with the courses but because it’s a great deal for everyone who participates in the Ultimate Bundles – for contributors, for affiliates and for bloggers who buy the bundles.

Want to save this post to check all the products available in the bundle later?

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What is the Ultimate Bundles Blogging Toolkit and is it a scam? How can contributors sell their courses with 98% discount?

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