8 Travel Blogs That Will Skyrocket Your Desire To Travel

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Are you finding it difficult to grow your travel blog?  It is possible that you have tried everything but still cannot get it to take off like the top travel bloggers.

Maybe you have seen the top bloggers in the travel niche share their income report or even featured as a top travel blog.

If you have been blogging for 12 months or more you will know that blogging is a long-term investment of time.

The truth is many travel bloggers struggle to get their blog to gain at least 1,000 visitors a day for several different reasons.

What if you can pull back the curtain on the top 8 travel blogs just to see what they write about and which topics and types of posts gains traffic?

In this post, I am going to do just that so that you can see which are the top 8 travel blogs as well as their top 5-7 pages for traffic.

Travel Blog Definition

For the purposes of this post and to ensure you, the reader, have a good understanding of what I am about to reveal let me define a travel blog.

A travel blog is a blog that focuses on topics related to destination experiences and that can cover local, national and international travel for the end user.

Of course, there are those people who are digital nomads who have been traveling for many years without anywhere to call home.

The goal of a travel blog is to enlighten the would be traveler on great places to spend their holiday or vacation and what they can do while at that destination.

There are some lifestyle blogs that do a bit of travel, food, fashion, beauty, parenting but this post is only covering travel blogs.

Travel Blog Definition

Travel Blog Criteria

I conducted quite a detailed research over a one-week period of the top 22 travel blogs.  These were recommended by fellow bloggers.

After looking at them in quite a bit of detail I narrowed my focus and came up with a shortlist of 8 blogs.

It is very possible that there may have been some blogs that were not on my original list of 22 which should qualify but I needed to have a cut-off time period.

So, this list of 8 blogs all have a minimum of 4,000 visitors a day to their blogs and they all fit the definition of a travel blog.

In the next section, I will outline those 8 blogs as well as their daily traffic so that you will get an understanding as to where they are at present in terms of growth.

The 8 Travel Blogs – Female Travel Blogs Included

Before I delve into the results of my research I must say that I absolutely love to travel and maybe one day I will start a travel blog or a lifestyle blog that incorporates travel.

I believe that all the owners of these blogs have a passion for what they do which can be seen in the quality of their content.

If you are a travel blogger and you are not excited about travel you may want to consider pursuing your passion instead of growing a travel blog.

Here is that list of the top 8 travel blogs:

  1. Never Ending Voyage – they get over 22,000 visitors a day to their top posts
  2. Sher She Goes – their top posts generates over 4,400 visitors a day
  3. The Barefoot Nomad – rakes in over 4,100 visitors a day
  4. The Blond Abroad – over 9,400 visitors come to their top posts daily
  5. The Travel Hack – gets over 4,000 visitors per day
  6. World of Wanderlust – they get over 12,800 visitors a day
  7. Hand Luggage Only – rakes in over 29,600 visitors a day
  8. Migrationology – gets a whopping 40,100 visitors a day to their top pages

As you can see there are a number of blogs within the 4,000 range while many of them just hit the ball out of the park in terms of traffic.

At this point, you are probably wondering what these bloggers are writing about to attract that many people to their sites?

Well, let’s spend some time digging deeper to see what the data shows us.


Top Travel Topics by Blog

It is important to remember that the purpose of this post is not for you to go and copy verbatim what these top bloggers are doing.

The key here is for you to look at everything from a high-level view and see the trends and common topics that gain traction.

Here is a breakdown of those top travel blogs and their posts:

Never Ending Voyage

  1. Ubud, Bali
  2. Koh Lanta
  3. Japan
  4. Japan Do’s and Don’ts
  5. Daypacks
  6. Guanajuato

Sher She Goes

  1. Car rental Ireland
  2. Travel wallet
  3. Puerto Rico
  4. Comfortable shoes
  5. Driving in Ireland

The Barefoot Nomad

  1. Cheapest flights
  2. Jobs while traveling
  3. Oregon coast
  4. Drawing apps
  5. Canada travel insurance
  6. Riviera Nayarit
  7. Kelowna BC

The Blonde Abroad

  1. Full Moon Party
  2. Bali travel
  3. Tokyo travel
  4. Komodo Island
  5. San Francisco
  6. Backpacking
  7. Europe travel

The Travel Hack

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Budapest
  3. New York City
  4. Barcelona
  5. Brittany, France
  6. India travel

World of Wanderlust

  1. Tasmania
  2. Paris
  3. London
  4. Languages (basic greetings)
  5. Switzerland

Hand Luggage Only

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. South of France
  4. Crete, Greece
  5. Cities near London
  6. Nice, France


  1. South Korean food
  2. Hawaiian food
  3. Saigon
  4. Hong Kong food
  5. Mark Wiens
  6. Indonesian food

As you can see there is nothing truly fascinating or different than what you would expect to see in a travel blog.

In other words, the topics chosen are simple and it is not rocket science at all.  It takes a little bit of creativity to come up with a unique angle.


As a person who has traveled to over 24 countries in my lifetime, I can go to the same city 3-4 times and have a different experience each time.

It could be the hotel, the sightseeing experience, the events, the shopping or the food.

A good example of this is my visit to Paris.  I have visited Paris about twice at this point and I never found it romantic at all.

Yet so many people talk about Paris being so romantic for one reason or another.  I did visit a smaller city in France called Lyon and I found it romantic there.

I guess what I am trying to say is that as a travel blogger it is up to you to really make the destination your own and bring out the best or worse for the sake of your audience.

Your blog is what you make it.  A blank page waiting to tell a fascinating story that your readers will enjoy.

Choose your destination, event, and company wisely and get there with the best attitude in order to gain the results that you need for your blog.

Author: Alvern @ Success Unscrambled is a Mother of 2 with over 10 years experience working for fortune 500 companies in the technology space. She has a keen interest in empowering women to leverage technology to their advantage. She encourages women daily to get onboard to tell the world of their awesome and valuable talents.

8 Travel Blogs That Will Skyrocket Your Desire To Travel. Are you finding it difficult to grow your travel blog? Maybe you have tried everything but still can't get it to take off like top travel bloggers.

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