Tailwind Tribes not so bad news & Mailchimp – very good news!

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If you were using Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, you probably heard the news about Tribes. By the way, before we move forward, this post has to be useful not only for you guys, but help me grow and develop my blog, so I added to it some affiliate links to the products I personally use.

For more information, see my disclosures hereBy following my Tailwind link, you get one free month.

Yesterday Tribes went from Alfa to Beta development stage. Everyone who used Tribes in Alfa for free and without any limitations can use it without limits for 1 more month and then will go to a limited free plan of 10 Tribes and 80 submissions.

Everything else above these numbers goes to extra cost, which you can check on Tailwind site if you are interested. I’m not going into these details, as I’m not getting paid to promote their new paid functionality 🙂

I’ve seen so many bloggers across Facebook Groups very angry about this news, many and many have seen great success from Tribes. But I personally have never seen impressive results from submitting my content in Tailwind Tribes and felt it was a waste of time. What I presume is that people just wanted to add their own stuff and no one cared to reciprocate. And there was no proper moderation in most of the tribes.

But that’s not the point of my email today. I’m not here to bash Tailwind like many bloggers. It’s still a great tool, it gives a lot of insight into your pinning stats and how effective the boards are. It’s a long list of benefits and I’m still willing to pay their paid plan to have access to all of these.

My point is that despite the upset voices of many bloggers, I still see Tribes useful and you will be surprised to know why. As I said, you have a limit of your own submits, right? But there is NO limit to repins that you make from Tribes. And why would I repin specifically from Tribes, and not just from the Pinterest site itself?

Because in Tribes I can still see repin counts, which are now gone from Pinterest itself, to make sure that I repin high quality and popular pins of other bloggers to my boards. As you can see in this image below, Tailwind Tribes give us more chances to build authority boards.

TailWind Tribes Benefits - check the repin counts

Besides that, I hope that the limitations introduced by Tailwind to the number of Tribe submissions, will regulate these Tribes better and possibly, reciprocation levels will increase once there is not so much content posted non-stop by all the bloggers.

Next news is not so loud among bloggers but I find it very important. MailChimp, which I have been using before switching to Convertkit about 4 months ago, sent me a notification that all their forms will use single opt-in by default, instead of double opt-in, since October 31. It means, your users don’t have to go to their emails and manually confirm that they DID subscribe to your emails or freebies.

I think I mentioned in my Start a Blog Free course that I moved from Mailchimp mainly to avoid losing about 30% of my subscribers because of the double opt-in.

We are so lucky that in the online tools market competition is so high that providers have to constantly improve their offers. Just 1 year ago MailChimp didn’t offer any automated emails in the free plan. This year they made it available to everyone. Now they also removed the double opt-in.

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