Online Course Creators Driving 6-Figure Income From Their Course

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Passive online income streams are definitely something you should consider in this day and time – especially now that most of us are still stuck in our homes. There are different ways on how you can earn money even while you sleep! There’s blogging, podcasts, Youtube videos, affiliate marketing, but definitely online courses is the most scalable model! 

The beauty of creating online courses is you can do it in the comfort of your own home and you don’t need a huge investment to start this type of business. In fact, with some tools like Thinkific for example, you can even host your course for free when you are getting started. Another thing is that e-learning is more sought out today than ever before so I suggest you do not miss out on this opportunity! 

You can simply pre-record videos or audios for your students – you do not have to do live classes or 1:1 teaching! Your online course can earn $1k-$5k a month, $10k-$50k, and even $100k+ a month. And yes, it is completely possible!

Don’t believe me? Here is a list of online course creators who drive 6-figure income from their courses alone:

6-Figure Income Course Creators


  • Dorie Clark is the creator of Recognized Expert, an online course that provides you with a clear template for how to build your professional reputation in order to attract the right opportunities to you. The course includes more than 40 hours of targeted video instruction modules, as well as monthly live Q&A sessions. In only five months after creating the course, Dorie was able to generate $118,010 in sales, immediately creating a new six-figure revenue stream for his business. Read the full story.  
  • Justin Brooke of Adskills started making a 6-figure income from his course. Adskills is a digital training company that offers an array of up-to-date online advertising courses. Justin is on a mission to improve the resources and education of digital media buying professionals by creating the highest level digital marketing courses on the market. 

  • Krista Dickson runs her own website which helps online entrepreneurs create a successful course and make it popular and profitable. Krista was always passionate about teaching and is now making a 6-figure income as a full-time course creator.

  • Morgan Owens of created her course “Professional Pretty” which helps entrepreneurs learn how to navigate their own barriers and effectively execute their goals to be successful. Morgan is a speaker, author, influencer, and consultant and is now earning a 6-figure income in her course alone.

  • Paul Thomson has his own website which helps dozens of entrepreneurs at all levels to share their expertise in the online space, scale their business, and make money while they’re at it. Paul has developed multiple 6-figure go-to market campaigns in the online education industry. 

  • Eli of Elinatoli helps business leaders and brands go from struggling, scattered, and overwhelmed to clear, confident, and profitable. Since 2019, she has launched over a total of 10 online courses, with 140K students enrolled, generating a consistent, six-figure passive income. Full story here.

Personal Finance

  • The Budgenista Tiffany Aliche created Live Richer Academy, her online course business. The Live Richer Academy currently teaches over 30,000 women how to create, implement and automate their own personalized financial freedom plan. Tiffany was once a pre-school teacher with $300k in debt but is now running a 7-figure brand she loves! Full story here.

Health and Wellness

  • Elizabeth Rider is a health and wellness coach and owns her website Elizabeth’s blog, where she shares healthy recipes and straight-forward nutrition advice, draws over 2 million readers per year. She launched her own course The Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is a year-long online course specially designed for people who are passionate about health and wellness. Through her knowledge and passion in helping and teaching, she was able to build a 7-figure online business from scratch using an iPhone and a laptop.


  • Katie Kimball, founder of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, provides online video cooking course and knife skills courses to over 12,000 families from all over the world and helps them create healthy food their kids will enjoy. Katie was a former Catholic school teacher that went from making $24,000 a year to accidentally building a business that pulled in over $53,000 in a week. She is featured in several publications and is now generating over a 6-figure income. Full story here.


  • One of the world’s most famous art teachers, Glenn Vilppu has his own course website Vilppu Academy which features  several world-class figure drawing classes. With classes ranging from $600 – $1200, each course aims to replicate the experience of attending a real-life art class; so you get your work critiqued weekly, alongside group discussion and the opportunity to get answers directly from Vilppu. You’ll also be able to see critiques of the other students as well, as would happen in a regular live class. Check more here.

  •  Founded by Rebecca Guay, SmART School offers live classes in figure drawing for small groups. These interactive online lessons are given by industry pro artists such as Donato Giancola and Terese Nielsen, as well as editors, directors, agents and gallery owners who provide assignment critiques, hands-on drawovers in Photoshop, and Q&As with every student. SmART School costs $2,500 per course and are always high in demand. As of now, their Spring 2021 course list almost has every course spots full. Source.



If you are someone who is passionate about something and you want to inspire and teach others with your knowledge, then I highly suggest you start an online course. You can simply start from scratch by using only your phone and computer – no fancy equipment needed! The grind only starts once you start promoting your online course. 

This is where Pinterest marketing comes in. Pinterest is a great place to drive traffic to your website, business, or online courses for free! And Pinterest Marketing is no rocket science. You just have to learn about Pinterest SEO and stay on track with their algorithm which I consistently provide on my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course.


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