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How to Use ChatGPT for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

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Who would have thought that 2023 would be the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? And the leading AI technology of it all is ChatGPT. And if you are an online business owner like me and you know that ChatGPT can make your life easier and your business grow, then I am sure you have already been looking for tips and strategies on how to incorporate ChatGPT into your business – especially digital marketing or any online work. 

And if you are also someone who does and make money with affiliate marketing (which, by the way, you should start doing if you have not yet) then you have come to the right place! In this post, I will teach you different ways to use ChatGPT in your affiliate marketing campaigns and strategies! 

But first, what is Chat GPT?

Are you familiar with those movies where you can see robots that literally look like humans and talk and think like humans? Well, those things function with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate human-like responses and engage in almost normal and interactive conversations.

Well, ChatGPT is just like that – but not in human form – just online. The setup of ChatGPT’s website feels as if you are having an online messaging conversation with someone, but in this case, it is an AI chatbot. 

ChatGPT has the ability to understand context, engage in conversation, and give suggestions and solutions to problems. ChatGPT is free and has been trained on lots of text from different sources to learn how to talk and answer like a conversational human. 

This may be a nightmare to some, but to business owners and affiliate marketers, this may just be a lifesaver. 

use chatgpt for affiliate marketing

Steps on how to use ChatGPT for affiliate marketing 

ChatGPT’s exceptional capabilities are just the perfect tool to improve your affiliate marketing strategy and help you make money online more easily. 

With that said, I will walk you through the entire process of how you can go from zero to making thousands of dollars with successful affiliate marketing with the help of ChatGPT and some other AI tools which usually allow you to start using for free. 

1. Find an Affiliate Offer to Promote

The first step is to obviously find an affiliate offer or affiliate program to promote so you can become an affiliate partner and start to make money through affiliate marketing. 

You can join affiliate programs like, Amazon affiliate program, or visit your favorite brand or store and look to see if they have any affiliate programs you can sign up on! 

2. Use ChatGPT to Generate Article or Topic Ideas 

Now, the next step you will want to do is to market the products or programs in which you are affiliated in so you can receive a commission, right? You can do so by promoting photos or videos on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc. 

You can easily ask Chat GPT to write product descriptions for you on your social media posts. 

But in my case, I find success in affiliate marketing with the help of my blog. So, if you also have a blog like me, then your next step would be to use ChatGPT to generate article or topic ideas for you. 

Let’s say I will message ChatGPT with: “Give me 10 blog post ideas to review graphic design tools and software. Make sure to use keywords that are easier to rank for on Google. Try to add different similar keywords I could target to cover this topic”.

And with that, the AI tool gives me not just the article ideas but also mentions which keywords are targeted there which I didn’t initially mention at all, but is really helpful in this case. 

how to use chatgpt for business

3. Use Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

So now what we can do is check some of the keyword ideas in an SEO tool that could show us the competition level for each keyword and the search volume.

There are plenty of tools for this that are quite expensive like Ahrefs but if you are just starting out and don’t have an extra $100/mo for it, you could try instead a very affordable option. I use Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension.

I love using Keywords Everywhere to analyze which keywords are less competitive but have a decent search volume. 

Here is how it works. I can start typing any keyword I’m thinking about and the extension will show the search volume for this keyword and competition level.

But that’s not it, you will get a ton of related keywords on the side and see search volume and competition for them too!

Now that we have picked the keyword to cover, I’m going to ask ChatGPT to create a list and give me 5 blog post titles to review Adobe alternatives. Here is what it gave me: 

  • “The Top 5 Adobe Alternatives for Graphic Designers”
  • “Adobe Photoshop vs. GIMP: Which Photo Editing Software is Better?”
  • “Inkscape vs. Adobe Illustrator: A Comprehensive Comparison”

ask chatgpt for blog post ideas

4. Use ChatGPT to Help You Create Content

Now, the next step is content creation. You can use Chat GPT to help you write the article and high-quality content. I will ask ChatGPT to create a 2000-word article reviewing the top 10 Adobe Alternatives. The post should be optimized for the main focus keyword “Adobe alternatives”.

After, ChatGPT will start generating the article for you! It will pick some of the popular graphic design tools and it’s actually your job to later check them out and see which ones have an affiliate program and where you can make more money in commissions.

use chatgpt for affiliate marketing

For this type of post, you will usually put the best products with the highest earnings potential for you closer to the beginning of the post. 

According to Google’s latest update in their Guidelines, it will rank AI-generated content if it is of high quality and has been reviewed and edited by experts on the topic.

Google talks in the new guidance about the E-E-A-T algorithm: “Evaluating your content in this way, whether you’re using AI-generated content or not, will help you stay on course with what our systems seek to reward.”

Once you have a look at the post, you can refine the prompt and ask ChatGPT to add an affiliate disclosure. ChatGPT can generate that for you. 

5. Use Grammarly AI to Correct the Mistakes

For the next step, I would suggest you use a free AI tool called Grammarly that will check any mistakes that might be in the text. And yes, this is a free tool you can use. 

For example, the score for this text is below 80 as it comes from ChatGPT, so we need to accept some of these suggested corrections.

chatgpt article ideas

You can work your way up to as close to 100% as possible and then on the next step we’ll take our text to SEO tools that will use AI to help us optimize the text for the right subheadings and the right related keywords that are missing in the article. 

6. Optimize the Article for SEO with AI tools (like RankIQ, NeuronWriter or Surfer SEO)

There are plenty of tools that can help you optimize your content for SEO. I’ve used many of them including RankIQ, and Surfer SEO, and lately, I’ve been using NeuronWriter. I find that it does a great job and the interface is very similar to Surfer SEO but the price is way more affordable. 

We are going to add the keyword “Adobe alternatives” and then add the text from ChatGPT corrected by Grammarly. 

And with that, our score is very low – just 15 out of 75 that we need to reach ideally. 

chatgpt ai tools

So we have a long way to go to optimize this article and to be able to compete against the other sites ranking for this keyword. 

The first thing I recommend you do is to check what’s going on with our headings because just by adding the h1 and h2s optimized for our focus keyword and related keywords which AI will suggest for us, and by adding an optimized meta title and description we can increase the optimization score very quickly! 

Neuronwriter will tell you which score you should aim for each article and the idea score can be sometimes very high above 80 or can be around 60 for some keywords that have lower competition in Google search. 

But this step is crucial and perhaps these days when so many of your competitors have access to these AI tools, by ignoring them you are going to lose eventually and won’t be able to rank high enough to get enough traffic and make your affiliate commissions.

7. Use tools to detect plagiarism and AI content scores 

Now the next step is optional but I tend to double-check my posts before they go live in these AI and plagiarism detection tools.

One of them from Content at Scale is entirely free and it recently started highlighting the parts of the text that its model thinks look like an AI-generated text.

content at scale ai

Because our post was written initially by ChatGPT, we might still want to check our text and make sure it doesn’t sound robotic. If you see some parts of the text that could be improved, I have a simple prompt that fixes these issues for me most of the time.

I ask ChatGPT: “Write content for me like I’m explaining it to a friend”. Usually, the result is a text in a more casual tone and it helps the content pass AI detection tools with a higher human score.

There is another tool I also use but it only has a paid version called Originality.AI which seems to have a more sensitive AI detector. But anyway keep in mind that as long as you fact-check your articles and optimize them for SEO, a lot of the text originally generated by ChatGPT will change.

Google also already clarified that they are not against AI tools, they just want to content that comes out delivers up to user’s expectations and has a high quality.

8. Get Traffic to Your Blog and to Your Affiliate Offers

In the content of your blog, you can include your affiliate link again and again. 

Using this process, you eventually will get traffic to your site with Google SEO but that takes a lot of time, especially for new websites that do not have domain authority yet. Personally, I found can get you traffic much faster to your website from Pinterest.

Interestingly, when you have a lot of shares of your content on Pinterest, it also helps you rank on Google as it’s a positive social factor. 

Final Thoughts 

ChatGPT can help you and your business in more ways than one but I specifically love how these powerful AI tools help you save time by doing some time-consuming tasks for you. ChatGPT can analyze what you need and can boost your affiliate marketing business.

However, it is important to note that although ChatGPT can give you content ideas and even write your whole content for you, it is still important to double-check everything since the model can produce answers that are incorrect or sometimes biased. 

You also have to take note of your target audience – will they really want to read a post that is so professional sounding and technical? Or do they want engaging content that is conversational and easy-to-read post? 

But all in all, if you want to see affiliate marketing success quicker, I do recommend trying out ChatGPT. 

how to use chatgpt for affiliate marketing program

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