Interested in Becoming a Guest Blogger?

Why Guest Posting on or

  • Get more exposure for your brand and traffic to your blog
  • Improve SEO with a quality backlink to your blog
  • Shares in social media (I have over 11,000 followers in total on my two Pinterest accounts for the two blogs I own).
  • Have a creative outlet for posts which you dream to write but they don’t fit your blog’s niche.

The main benefit – I want every post (including guest posts) on my blog to be successful, this is why I promote guest posts as if they were my own!

I’ll promote your post on Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.

How to Successfully Submit a Guest Post

  • Your text has to be 100% original and not published anywhere else before or after guest posting. If you want to re-use the content on your own blog, it has to be re-written so that Google doesn’t penalize us for duplicate content.
  • The text has to be well-written. I’m not your proofreader and if a guest post is written badly, it will not be accepted as a guest post.
  • Guest posts cannot be overly self-promotional as this will turn off the audience. You want them to read it until the end and check your bio, don’t you? 🙂
  • Include all images as separate attachments.
  • The text needs to be at least 1000 words in length.
  • Your post needs to follow the SEO checklist:

1.    Choose the main keyword after doing a keyword research on the chosen topic. You can use the free version of KWfinder.

2.    Search in for your keyword and check the related keywords and questions Google suggests (usually can be found at the bottom of the search results page).

3.    Use the main keyword in the SEO title of the post and in the H1 (the main headline).

4.    Use additional keywords in the sub-headlines (your text needs to have at least 2-3 H2 headings – this gives your post SEO benefits and helps readers see what your text is about from a quick look at the headings).

Important Note

I reserve the right to edit and SEO optimize your post at my discretion to increase the potential organic traffic from search engines. I can also choose to use the images you provided or add images and pin copy created on my side.

How to Submit:

Send your completed post to hello{at} with the subject line “GUEST POST” Please note that while I strive to respond to every inquiry in a timely manner, I will not always able to do so.