Anastasia Blogger Affiliate Program

I created my Pinterest course because Pinterest has been a complete game-changer for me. I cannot imagine how would it be possible for me to quit my job in just 10 months since I started blogging part-time if Pinterest traffic didn’t allow me to do this.
I started my blog in 2017 when getting Google traffic already was extremely difficult for new sites. When Facebook changed the algorithm to dramatically decrease the reach of pages and groups in the Timeline.
The only platform that allows bloggers to make a quick jump-start nowadays is Pinterest.
I’ve seen a huge demand for expert knowledge about Pinterest marketing in various Facebook groups for bloggers.
You will see lots of questions about growing Pinterest traffic – starting from total beginners, to bloggers who’ve been
successful earlier in getting traffic from Google or Facebook. Even for experienced bloggers with 10-year old blogs, who lost half of their traffic due to algorithmic changes, Pinterest is still a terra incognita and they will love to explore this new way of attracting traffic to their sites.
All these people need some guidance in their first steps on Pinterest platform.
They can find some free advice, but it’s extremely confusing and contradictory – lots of things are constantly changing on Pinterest, and free content doesn’t include any updates. This Pinterest course is based on my successful experience
growing traffic to 2 blogs from Pinterest in a matter of months!
I’ve seen fantastic traffic growth on two of my blogs thanks to Pinterest, and I know that it can work in so many popular niches for so many bloggers! The army of bloggers and online entrepreneurs who come to Facebook groups asking very basic questions about Pinterest is huge.
If your audience is anyone who could benefit from getting Pinterest traffic to their
blog or online business, this affiliate offer can be an ideal extra income for you.

Need more reasons?

If you sell my Pinterest course, you…
a) Help your readers to grow – and they will be thankful to YOU for this recommendation.
b) Earn 30% for each sale of my product and receive your payouts through Teachable as my official affiliate.
c) You get the “feeling good doing good” thing, in other words, an improved karma because you are genuinely helping thousands of people to achieve their dream lifestyle and make money with their blogs. You are offering them a product that transforms lives.