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The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Make Online Courses Stressful for Course Creators

Learn to create, market, and sell online courses without constant stress, without ad budget, or a huge team. Avoid most common mistakes beginner course creators make that get them stuck and overwhelmed.
Here's what you will learn

Why burning yourself out with multiple stressful live webinars is NOT a must in spite of what some gurus have told you.

Then I will explain to you why you are wrong thinking that your niche is saturated.

That trying to be the BEST expert in your topic and waiting for that to happen before you launch your course is a big mistake.

Then we’ll talk about another mistake you want to avoid when you launch your course. It’s thinking that you need to underprice your course to compete with existing offers in your niche.

Thinking that you must have an ad budget to start selling a course.


We all heard success stories about online course creators but still, this business seems too overwhelming and stressful. Constant live launching with webinars, creating an entire course before you ever make a cent out of it.

But if you avoid the 5 biggest mistakes beginner course creators make, you’ll skip most of the things that can get you stuck and hesitant about creating your online course.

This Masterclass is Right for You IF...


 You are tired of the content creation and traffic chasing loop. You are ready to launch your own profitable product!

 You provide a service but have reached the limit when you can’t scale it above your working hours.

 You teach in person but want to learn how to scale with an online course.

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Why learn from Anastasia?

I made over $223,000 from one online course on an evergreen funnel last year. And this business is what can change your life truly. But you need to know there IS a stress-free way of doing it.

I’ve tried different ways to promote and sell my course, tested many tools used for creating and marketing online courses and I’ve learned from making mistakes what you should NOT do to have a successful online course. That’s what I will share in my Masterclass!