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I'm excited to share with you this most recent Pinterest hack I discovered! You will not regret subscribing for my emails because I have lots of other useful Pinterest tips to share with you 🙂

You know, Pinterest brings more than 90% of traffic to my blog, and in January 2018 my blog received 172,830 pageviews (my Pinterest account was around 2000 followers, which is not many for such a good traffic, right?). You can check the screenshot below to see my Google Analytics. If the image is not shown for you, it's because you need to allow images to open in my emails. You can set this somewhere on top of the email.

I like to use Pinterest in a smart way, that's what allows me to get lots of traffic with a relatively small following numbers. One of these smart things on Pinterest is SEO (search engine optimization) of your pins, boards, of your entire account.

But what do you need to get SEO running? You need to do the keyword research, you need to know what people are looking for on Pinterest.

So, getting back to the promised Pinterest keyword research hack, I made a nice video with all the details on how I'm checking keyword volume on Pinterest.

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