Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

16 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

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Kick off your party with these wellness-focused starter dishes! Delightful doesn’t have to equate to unhealthy.

Ever felt the need to miss a social gathering because you’re keeping a check on your nutrition? We’ve all been there!

However, your health-conscious endeavors shouldn’t mean you need to abstain from socializing! Carry these bite-sized snacks to any social event to ensure both you and your friends can savor nutritious appetizers that don’t compromise on taste.

Featuring enticing options like oven-cooked potato jackets and Italian-style mini sandwiches, this collection is not just for those adhering to the program.

Regardless of whether you’re tracking SmartPoints or not, these starters are absolutely worth trying.

Ease your journey towards health and fitness goals with these flavorful nibbles.

Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

16. Keto Zucchini Pizza Crust – Low Carb, Paleo & Weight Watchers

This Pizza Base crafted from Zucchini is free of grains, gluten and is also keto-compliant. A healthier and scrumptious low-carb alternative that the whole family will love. It’s an ideal way to utilize surplus zucchini!

This zucchini pizza base idea sprung to mind when my mother brought an abundance of zucchini from our backyard garden. The concept of creating a nutrient-rich base without resorting to eggs or white flour and still preserving flavor intrigued me. The texture is nutrient-rich.

This low-carb zucchini-base pizza is crispy and delightful. The base is laden with zucchini, but the taste isn’t overpowering. It’s straightforward, effortless, uses minimal ingredients, full of flavor, nutrients, holds together well, and the toppings can be altered as per preference.

15. Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus Recipe Without Tahini

Here’s some exciting news for you.

You can whip up hummus right now without needing to rush to the store for tahini. <–(!!!)

Perhaps this isn’t as exhilarating for you if you’re someone who always has tahini at the ready for when the craving strikes, or you wish to make paleo-friendly sweet potato brownies or chocolate muffins with tahini.

However, perhaps unlike me, you’re not a fan of using tahini in baked goods (or, practically, ANYTHING) so you don’t keep it at home.

So when you discover an appealing hummus recipe that requires just a few tablespoons of it, you find yourself reluctantly purchasing tahini, only to let it languish in the back of your fridge since you don’t use it frequently.

The back of my fridge is a sight best left unseen. Too many ingredients have suffered this fate. It’s a daunting space back there.

I’m sure you can resonate with this all-too-common predicament.

14. Greek Feta Dip

The ultimate chip dip is smooth, cheesy, and explodes with a savory flavor. Though it’s rare for any dip to be healthy, this one manages to be.

Termed as ktipit, translating to “whip,” or tirokafteri, meaning “spicy cheese,” this irresistible whipped feta dip is a cornerstone of the Eastern Mediterranean gastronomy.

Once you’ve sampled it, it’ll become a frequent feature in your kitchen as well.

13. WW Black Bean Mango Salsa Recipe

This black bean mango salsa is not only nutritious but also multifaceted.

The conventional way is to serve it as a dip for pita bread, chips, and raw vegetables.

Alternatively, if your meats are looking a tad plain, drench them in this salsa. You can even incorporate it into burgers for a refreshing twist.

12. Weight Watchers Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Cauliflower florets might seem uninspiring alone, but when you prepare them in the style of buffalo wings, they’ll have everyone asking for your secret.

The buffalo-style sauce enveloping the florets truly elevates their flavor. If you wish to further amplify their taste, accompany them with a serving of blue cheese dressing on the side.

11. Weight Watchers Buffalo Chicken Dip

Mixing together finely pulled chicken, cottage cheese, tangy Greek yogurt, hot sauce, and a combination of seasonings creates a dip so irresistible you’ll want to devour it with a spoon.

This is the healthier take on a Buffalo chicken dip inspired by the Weight Watchers regime. Despite being equally indulgent and delectable, it boasts surprisingly low points.

10. Weight Watchers Shrimp Summer Rolls

These summer rolls are an absolute delight for shrimp lovers! Encased in rice paper rolls, the shrimp looks tantalizingly succulent.

Complementing the shrimp is a vibrant mix of crunchy veggies that provide a delightful textural contrast. All in all, it’s a winning combination.

9. Air Fryer Toasted Ravioli – Crunchy Party Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipe!

Turn your soft, perfectly cooked ravioli into a crispy party snack!

Simply dip fresh or frozen ravioli into an egg mixture, coat them with breadcrumbs, and send them into the air fryer. Couldn’t be simpler.

8. Bake Potato Skins

Would you believe that potato skins can be part of your Weight Watchers meal plan? These baked potato skins are hearty, delicious, and absolutely compatible with your diet.

The skins turn out perfectly crispy, while the inside stays creamy and soft. The cheese and bacon filling is simply phenomenal.

Want to take it a step further? Try dipping these delightful skins in sour cream.

7. Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spinach and artichoke hearts might seem like unremarkable ingredients on their own, but blend them together, and they turn into an extraordinary, addictive dip.

This concoction is impressively creamy, cheesy, and downright spectacular.

6. Keto Sausage Balls – Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipe!

Just one look at these cheesy sausage balls will make you want to grab a piece.

Crafted from almond flour, sausage crumbles, cream cheese, and cheddar, it’s astonishing how something so richly savory and cheesy can also be nutritious.

Make them even more appealing by drizzling them with a sugar-free barbecue sauce.

5. Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

Occasionally, the craving for a homemade biscuit that’s oozing with butter and cheese becomes too strong to ignore, don’t you agree? One evening, I found myself wanting to make biscuits to accompany the meal I was preparing. I contemplated using the 2-ingredient dough and other methods to make it healthier but the truth was I yearned for a scrumptious biscuit bursting with buttery, cheesy flavors! I opted for a light butter spread available locally (referenced below) that helped manage the point count. These biscuits are incredibly easy to make and are the ideal accompaniment to any meal! The recipe yields 12 biscuits at 4SP each, they freeze wonderfully, and the recipe could be halved if only 6 biscuits are needed.

4. Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are consistently a crowd favorite when it comes to party starters. This recipe elevates it even further by encasing the poppers in bacon.

The mildly spicy green peppers are filled with melt-in-your-mouth cheese, wrapped in bacon, and cooked flawlessly in an air fryer.

The beauty of the air fryer is how it achieves a crispy exterior without any oil usage! This allows me to savor the 6th popper completely guilt-free. 

3. Weight Watchers Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon and Cheddar Cheese

Cremini mushroom caps are filled with buttery mushrooms and onions, bacon, and cheese, then baked until the cheese transforms into a delightful gooey treat.

From the creamy mushrooms and succulent bacon to the smoky bacon and molten cheese, this 5-ingredient starter offers a sensational burst of flavors and textures.

This mouth-watering appetizer is party-ready in just 30 minutes.

2. Cucumber Sandwiches

Looking for an element of elegance and refinement for your next gathering? These cucumber sandwiches won’t let you down.

This quintessential brunch and teatime sandwich is stuffed with crisp cucumbers and a cream cheese spread flavored with dill and lemon. It’s a straightforward combination, but one that unquestionably satisfies.

And there’s no need to fret over this appetizer cooling down – it’s intended to be savored that way.

1. Skinny Antipasto Pasta Salad

My kitchen has seen the creation of Antipasto Pasta Salad for almost the entirety of my adulthood. It’s a dish that gets constant requests during Spring and Summer in my household, and everyone finds something to love about it!

The initial inspiration for this pasta salad came many years ago when I was still in high school. We used to visit a fantastic Italian restaurant occasionally, which served a similar dish as an appetizer. We were all instantly captivated by it.

Weight Watchers Appetizer

Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

16 Best Appetizers for Weight Watchers

Serve your friends the best Weight Watchers appetizers! Explore low-calorie WW-friendly recipes that are sure to impress.


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