Vegan Side Dishes – Most Popular Healthy Vegan Sides

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Your vegan side dishes do not have to be always repetitive green salads and roasted veggies. Here are some healthy and delicious side dishes you will surely love!

16. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Butternut Squash

The best balsamic-maple roasted Brussels sprouts with butternut squash, pecans, cranberries and avocado roasted garlic dressing. Ultimate healthy vegan Thanksgiving side dish ready in just 40 minutes!

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15. Miso Glazed Roasted Root Vegetables

These Miso Glazed Roasted Root Vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to any fall meal or holiday side dish. Using an easy oil free vegetable roasting method and then glazing it with a vegan savory, slightly sweet and umami rich glaze- this healthy side dish will surely be your new go-to!

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14. Vegan Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes [Gluten-Free & with Oil-Free Option]

These vegan mashed potatoes with almond milk and cream cheese are super easy to make with only 3 ingredients plus salt and pepper. They’re so creamy, it’s hard to believe they’re dairy-free! They can also be made oil-free by using a vegan cream cheese with no added oils.

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13. Vegan Baked Beans

Make your barbecue complete by putting these Vegan Baked Beans on the table! This smoky and flavorful side dish is easy to prepare and it’s all made in one pot. It’s also a freezer-friendly recipe and perfect for family dinners or Sunday meal prep.

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12. Puerto Rican Yellow Rice (Arroz Con Gandules)

There are days that I just want to revisit my childhood in a Puerto Rican household – and arroz con gandules or Puerto Rican yellow rice with pigeon peas does just that.

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11. Spicy Roasted Vegetables

Need a basic recipe that can transform into multiple dishes? No problem, this spicy roasted vegetables is just the thing that solves your request. This one-dish can make your soup, pasta, or mac and cheese an irresistible one.

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10. Roasted Garlic and Kale Spaghetti Squash with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Roasted garlic and kale spaghetti squash with sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts makes for a comforting, low-carb meal requiring only 5 main ingredients! Plus the recipe is simple to prepare!

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9. The Best Baked BBQ Tofu You’ll Ever Have

Fabulously tasty and versatile, this will be the best BBQ tofu you’ll ever have. It requires only eight ingredients and can be used in a multitude of ways, from sandwiches to soups and bowls. I usually serve it with mashed potatoes and this Super Quick Broccoli Gratin.

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8. Herb Roasted Potatoes

These Herb Roasted Potatoes are an easy and healthy side dish. Red potatoes are roasted until crispy in the oven and tossed in flavorful herbs and spices!

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7. Double Mushroom Barley Pilaf

Double mushroom barley pilaf is a perfect vegan/vegetarian holiday side dish. It also pairs well with roast turkey, duck, and game hens.

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6. Roasted Maple Mustard Brussels Sprouts

These Roasted Maple Mustard Brussels Sprouts are an easy and healthy side dish. This recipe is vegetarian and made with a sticky Dijon maple syrup dressing!

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5. Best Healthy Vegan Coleslaw

This vegan coleslaw makes a perfect side dish option for cookouts and potlucks and can be ready in less than 15-minutes. The healthy oil-free dressing is what really sets this recipe apart.

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4. “Cheesy” Vegan Roasted Cauliflower

Cheesy vegan roasted cauliflower made paleo-friendly with nutritional yeast is a simple and easy paleo, whole30, keto healthy side dish, perfect to go alongside any main entree. This cheesy vegan roasted cauliflower will be a staple in your home during the chilly fall months.

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3. How to Make Cauliflower Rice + 16 Cauliflower Rice Recipes

Light and fluffy basic Cauliflower Rice recipe used to make delicious gluten-free and low carb sides, risotto, fried rice, salads, soups, burrito bowls, sushi and more! Step-by-step video guide on how to make cauliflower rice using a box grater plus 16 recipes that include cauliflower rice.

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2. Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts with Leeks, Ginger, Garlic and Chilli

Love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are an integral part of Christmas. So why not give your Christmas dish a spicy twist? These stir-fried Brussels sprouts with leeks, ginger, garlic and chilli will liven up the event. They’re quick to cook and unlike boiling, stir-frying makes the sulphury compounds of the sprouts less obvious.

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1. Thick-Cut Seasoned Fries with Chipotle Sauce

I haven’t met a person yet that doesn’t love fries, but we all know that eating traditional fries will cause us to gain weight. So I’ve included this recipe for thick-cut seasoned fries with chipotle sauce to satisfy that urge.

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