9 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes For a Yummy Holiday on Ketogenic Diet

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We always look for new Keto recipes that will boost our way to the healthiest life. Keto Thanksgiving recipes is a necessity if you don’t want to kick your body out of Ketosis. You cannot afford to eat traditional dishes like mashed potatoes because you are on the Keto diet and everything like pies and cakes is tempting you. Well, my friend, no need to be a self-control …

Keto Halloween Treats – 10 Best Low Carb Snacks and Keto Halloween Recipes

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Halloween is an awesome time for parties, great food, and treats, but unfortunately, traditional Halloween treats are usually high in carbs and this doesn’t work for you if you are on a Ketogenic diet. All you need to do is replace sugar with a natural sweetener and here is a great collection of Keto Halloween Treats – 11 awesome Keto Halloween recipes for all the family will …

Vanilla Panna Cotta Recipe with Raspberry

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Panna cotta, a typical summer dessert in Italy always tastes wonderful with ripe red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, or sweet cherries. Print Recipe Vanilla Strawberry Panna Cotta – Healthy Dessert Servings Ingredients Panna Cotta 6 Gelatin Sheets500 ml Sour Cream100 ml Milk80 g Sugar1 tsp Vanilla Extract Coulis 1 cup Puree raspberries1 cup Sugar Servings Ingredients Panna Cotta 6 Gelatin Sheets500 ml Sour Cream100 ml Milk80 …

Save this collection to check later the best Keto pancakes recipes for a perfect breakfast while you are on the Ketogenic diet. These low carb pancakes have almond and coconut flour base, I found a recipe for savory pancakes and great Keto waffles option!

7 Best Keto Pancakes Recipes – Easy Low Carb Delights

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I’m not sure why, but everyone I know loves pancakes. For me, they are associated with my childhood memories of Sunday mornings when my mom would spend 40 minutes in the kitchen making her specialty – pancakes, and then in under 20 minutes, they would all be gone 🙂 On a Ketogenic diet, people still crave for the food they are used to have before starting a …

Halloween Food Ideas for Kids – Halloween Treats for a Party

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Halloween is getting closer, it’s time to think about some awesome Halloween food ideas for kids – your Halloween treats should surprise everyone and create a perfect mood for a party! I made a collection of my favorite ideas I’m going to try this Halloween. Save your favorites to your Halloween Food Pinterest board to check these recipes later again, and have fun! Take photos of your …

8 easy healthy dinner recipes for weight loss – make clean eating a habit! I gathered recipes, which can be cooked in under 30 min – healthy dinner chicken recipes, salads, crock pot recipes. You can adopt these easy healthy dinner recipes for two or for family.

8 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss – Make Clean Eating a Habit

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Having a healthy dinner doesn’t mean eating tasteless food. When you enjoy delicious but still healthy meals, your weight loss goes without stress and can really become part of your lifestyle. As opposed to dieting, eating healthy means controlling calories by clean eating. I won’t go too deep into the concept of clean eating, but you should understand just that basics of it: Increasing healthy proteins and …

8 Easy Keto Breakfast to start burning fat. Keto Breakfast on the go, Keto breakfast make ahead recipes. Eggs cooked in creative ways are the basis of your breakfast on a Ketogenic diet. But it’s not eggs only! You can have a no eggs Keto breakfast with muffins, Keto breakfast pancakes or Keto breakfast smoothie.

15 Top Keto Breakfast Recipes On the Go – Fat Burning from the Morning!

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Keeping a ketogenic diet, you are increasing the amount of food with high fat. Your food should contain a moderate amount of protein and be low carb! You drive your body into ketosis state when instead of using carbs for energy, you start burning fats as your main fuel. On your way to ketosis, you have to be very selective in every meal of the day, starting …

9 Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss that Look and Taste Amazing!

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Are smoothies a good way to lose weight? Having smoothies for breakfast or as an afternoon snack is quite a common practice among weight watchers. Mainly because it’s very easy to make a smoothie, and you can drink they fast on the go or on a 5-min break to fill yourself with energy in a healthy way. You can imagine an office worker without a smoothie nowadays, …

I made a collection of my favorite best no bake cheesecake recipes - these are very easy and quick desserts. No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake, mango cheesecake, Salted Caramel Coconut Cheesecake and other great recipes!

5 BEST No Bake Cheesecake Recipes – Quick and Easy Desserts

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I’m kinda crazy about cheesecakes, and what makes me particularly fond of them is the variety of no bake cheesecake recipes. This is a heavenly dessert and it takes so little time to prepare. Usually, you just need to keep the cheesecake in the fridge for 4 hours to get the solid structure. How do you make a simple no bake cheesecake? Most of the cheesecakes are absolutely …