15 Easy and Healthy Leftover Taco Meat Recipes

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What are you going to do with a pound of leftover ground beef that you cooked for your weekly taco night? Don’t worry, you will not have to throw it all away. Leftover taco meat will last for three to four days in the fridge if properly stored, just like any other leftover cooked meat. You may also use the leftover meat to make a number of new dishes! With that said, here are 15 easy and delicious leftover taco meat recipes:

15. Air Fryer Taquitos (Instant Vortex)

Do you have some left over pulled pork, or roast beef, chicken, or other meat? Try these air fryer taquitos, also known as air fryer flautas! I often make my Instant Vortex taquitos with leftover Instant Pot carnitas, but as noted, other meats work just as well. You can use the meat as is or season it up with some taco seasoning.

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14. Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Taco night just got an upgrade with all the things you love about tacos inside the deliciousness of a freshly baked sweet potato.

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13. Easy Dorito Taco Salad Recipe

This easy Dorito Taco Salad recipe takes your regular salad to a whole new level! Everyone loves Doritos and this crunchy salad is amazing!

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12. Classic Ground Beef Taquitos

Classic Ground Beef Taquitos. Dip this crunchy and delicious Mexican appetizer into salsa or guacamole, and it’s like a piñata breaking in your mouth.

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11. Chicken Mole Nachos

These Chicken Mole Nachos will get your party started! Whether it’s for the big game or movie night, simply layer your toppings, bake and serve. Delicious, easy, and a total crowd pleaser.

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10. Keto Taco Stuffed Avocado Boats

These Keto Taco Stuffed Avocado Boats are a tasty twist on Mexican tacos by using avocado taco boats! An easy low carb meal using taco stuffed avocados! Only 7 grams net carbs!

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9. One Pan Mexican Pasta

One Pan Mexican Pasta loaded with black beans, corn, cilantro, and salsa. This quick and easy one-pan dinner is a perfect healthy comfort food meal, loaded with vegetables and protein! This healthy family-friendly recipe is great for busy weeknights. Ready in just 30 minutes with minimal cleanup, kids will love it too!

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8. Low Carb Keto Cheesy Taco Skillet Recipe

A keto cheesy taco skillet recipe in just 25 minutes, with 7 simple ingredients! This easy beef taco skillet dinner is perfect for busy weeknights.

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7. Crock-Pot Low Carb Keto Taco Casserole Recipe

This easy low carb keto taco casserole recipe has just 4 grams net carbs! See how to make Crock-Pot taco casserole with just 10 minutes prep and simple ingredients – the slow cooker does all the work.

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6. Taco Salad Recipe

Ready in just 30 minutes, this easy Taco Salad Recipe is filled with perfectly seasoned ground beef, fresh greens, shredded cheese, tortilla strips, and drizzled with a light lime vinaigrette.

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5. Taco Salad Meal Prep (Taco Bowls)

These Taco Salad Meal Prep Taco Bowls are made with healthy ground turkey and filled with black beans, sweet corn, shredded cheese, crisp lettuce, and all your favorite toppings. Enjoy these delicious Taco Bowls for dinner and repurpose the leftovers into perfectly portioned make-ahead meal prep lunches.

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4. Healthy Taco Salad Recipe

Taco salad is healthy, delicious and colourful dinner salad that can be made in under 30 minutes. It is loaded with veggies, minced beef, cheese, and topped with a delicious creamy homemade dressing. This beef taco salad is low in carbs.

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3. Taco Soup Recipe

This cheesy Taco Soup recipe is loaded with seasoned ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, enchilada sauce, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, and more! Make it as spicy as you want or keep it mild. Serve with Fritos or Tortilla chips on the side for a delicious meal your family will love.

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2.  7 Layer Taco Dip {Keto}

I love 7 layer taco dip. It has all of those fun Mexican layers like sour cream, salsa, and my favorite, homemade guacamole. It’s the perfect party appetizer!

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1. Easy Taco Casserole

This easy, creamy, filling taco casserole will be a new family favorite! It has only 6 ingredients and is ready in less than an hour.

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15 Healthy Leftover Taco Meat Recipes

15 Healthy Leftover Taco Meat Recipes

Here are 15 easy and delicious leftover taco meat recipes.


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