Casserole Recipes

35 Best Casserole Recipes for Your Family Dinner

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If you ventured here in search of a handful of delightful bake-dish inspirations, you’ve hit the jackpot! I stumbled upon an array of splendid choices that were too many to condense.

Casserole Recipes

My exploration commenced with the quest for succulent poultry creations before branching out to bovine and noodle concoctions.

Subsequently, I embarked on an extensive Pinterest exploration, causing my shopping inventory to expand progressively.

Spanning from a cheese-infused festive poultry delight and spice-infused crustaceans to timeless oven-cooked ziti and a child-approved crispy potato bake-dish, classic green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole dish, tater tot casserole, squash casserole, stuffed shells, tuna casserole, chicken pot pie, taco, easy dishes with broccoli, sausages, tomato sauce, it’s implausible not to discover a dish to sample within this compilation of 35 easy casserole recipes for family weeknight dinner or to feed a crowd.

There’s a substantial culinary journey ahead, so let’s delve right into it.

35. Cheesy Crack Chicken Casserole

This culinary marvel, perhaps recognized by some as “bacon, cheddar, ranch poultry,” has garnered a reputation for being irresistibly enticing.

Its bake-dish rendition integrates noodles, transforming it into a comprehensive one-pot feast.

Diverging from the conventional cheese concoction you’d employ for macaroni and cheese, this formulation suggests utilizing dehydrated ranch mix, thickened cream of chicken broth, and creamy cheese. Comforting casserole dinner whole family will love!

34. Teriyaki Chicken Casserole

Crafting your personal teriyaki concoction is simpler than anticipated, offering a delightful enhancement to this pulled chicken, vapor-cooked vegetable, and grain bake-dish.

Since the poultry is prepared alongside the sauce, it absorbs and crystallizes, unlocking peak zestiness.

Moreover, a supplementary splash just prior to completion guarantees a moist and soft texture throughout.

For those pressed for time, the inclusion of a packet of microwaveable steamed greens is an acceptable shortcut.

Could you envisage this vibrant and zestful bake-dish necessitating a mere quintet of minutes for preparation?

Initially, I found it skeptical too, compelling me to verify it firsthand (on numerous occasions!).

The trick behind it seems apparent: surplus rotisserie chicken, noted for its juiciness and an excellent method to hasten evening meal preparations.

An additional ingenious time-saver in this recipe is the incorporation of raw grains. Stir them in and allow oven-cooking, enabling the absorption of all the splendid tastes.

For those who invariably opt for the oven-roasted potato during steakhouse visits, this straightforward baked potato casserole would resonate well.

It encompasses the customary constituents including spuds, pork stripes, and dairy delight, accompanied by a creamy chicken layer for a protein uplift.

Pierogies represent another variant of stuffed pastry that accommodates both sweet and savory fillings.

Nonetheless, the frequent rendition involves a blend of mashed tubers and minced meat as filling.

Prepared versions are readily available in the frozen section, with cheese-filled varieties often being a favorite.

This casserole offers a fusion resembling gnocchi-lasagna-noodle bake, characterized by a generous portion of potato and cheese sauce, coupled with stratified assembly.

Indeed, a meat sauce layer would arguably enhance its flavor even further!

30. Crunchy Beef Casserole Recipe

Since one-pot meals like casseroles are crafted and oven-cooked in a singular container, their texture generally leans towards moist, succulent, and extremely tender.

While that’s a delightful characteristic, I occasionally crave some crunchiness, which is precisely what makes this culinary creation a standout.

The trick is to introduce a tier of crunchy onions atop the concoction post its thorough cooking. This enhancement not only enriches the texture but also infuses a burst of delightful flavors.

29. Cowboy Casserole

Frontier-inspired one-pot meals are conceptualized to offer immense satisfaction, a cozy and nurturing experience, all while encapsulating the vibrant tastes of the wild west.

Initiate by searing minced beef, following which integrate a measure of corn kernels, a creamy mushroom broth (or a flavor of your preference), dairy delight, liquid dairy, tart dairy cream, powdered onion essence, pepper spice, and crisped pork stripes.

To top it all, adorn the creation with a generous sprinkle of crispy potato puffs! This dish is bound to be a children’s favorite.

28. Cheeseburger Casserole

This one-pot meal is profoundly cheese-infused, incorporating abundant minced beef and boasting a substantial structure courtesy of the pasta inclusion.

Amplifying the initial set of fourteen elements allows for the creation of a duo of distinct dishes.

Prepare an ample portion of the seasoned beef mix, utilizing half for the swift assembly of a shepherd’s pie.

The subsequent step involves the integration of chilled assorted vegetables, crowned with a layer of whipped potatoes.

27. Ground Beef Casserole

Although named “minced beef” casserole, the recipe offers flexibility to substitute the beef with pork or turkey for a slightly less rich alternative.

The addition of Worcestershire blend and tomato concoction imparts a deep richness, ensuring the robust beefy essence isn’t sorely missed.

It serves as an excellent blueprint to incorporate greens as well; finely chopped, their presence becomes subtle yet enhances the nutritional value.

26. Sour Cream Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Creating enchiladas might be somewhat chaotic, yet the resulting flavor profile justifies the endeavor.

What if you could recreate an enchilada-themed casserole in a fraction of the time?

Simply combine tangy cream with salsa and Mexican spice mix, amalgamating it with shredded tortilla segments, cooked poultry, dairy delight, and minced onions.

Allow a 30-minute oven time with an additional cheese layer, and serve while witnessing a delightful bubbling spectacle.

25. Meatball Sub Favorite Casserole Recipe

In case you have to cater to a large gathering and are planning on presenting meatball sub-sandwiches, don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect plan for you!

This cooking technique is rather ingenious, providing an excellent method to satiate a group of famished individuals without the fuss of crafting separate subs.

The highlight of this creation undoubtedly is the luscious layer of ricotta. Enhancing the bread with a coating of garlic-infused butter is a suggestion I’d firmly stand by.

24. Amish Country Casserole – Comfort Food Dinner Recipe!

While the aforementioned pasta dishes featuring cheese and beef might tantalize your taste buds, it’s undeniable that they are somewhat heavy and calorie-dense.

Thus, this culinary creation serves as an ideal compromise for those desiring a lighter touch, toned down on the dairy components.

Although it features a cream of mushroom base, it steers clear of an excess of tart dairy cream and cheesy elements.

23. Million-Dollar Chicken Hearty Casserole

It seems like we are oscillating between two extremes in terms of recipes here.

Contrasting the previous item with a restrained dairy profile, this poultry-based casserole indulges generously in dairy elements!

Incorporating elements ranging from cream cheese and cottage cheese to tart dairy cream, poultry-flavored creamy soup, pulverized Ritz biscuits, and butter, it manifests as a meal rich in flavors and textures.

22. Creamy Turkey Casserole is Perfect Easy Dinner!

Post the grand festive celebration, with leftovers neatly stashed in the refrigerator, I indulge in devising enjoyable (and uncomplicated) culinary experiments to revamp the remaining feast items.

Turkey dishes constitute a significant portion, and my appetite for sandwiches has its limits.

What’s appealing about this formula is its deviation from the standard festive notes.

Discarding the traditional blend of sweet cranberries and sage-infused stuffing, it embraces a concoction of mushrooms and cheese, offering a refreshing variance in taste.

21. Nacho Casserole

Compiling this Mexican-inspired delicacy is as effortless as it can get.

My preference leans towards utilizing Doritos for this recipe, owing to their distinctive zest. The fiery nacho variant claims the top spot in my favorites!

I pair this with a fiery salsa coupled with additional green pepper slices; however, a milder version can be attained with cheesy crisps accompanied by a basic salsa blend.

20. The Best Tuna Noodle Casserole

Here comes another wallet-friendly one-pot meal ideal for satisfying a large group.

We are well aware that pasta is quite an economical choice, and the majority of items in this recipe can be found in your pantry without breaking the bank.

However, it seems we frequently underestimate the versatile canned tuna. Alternatively, you might opt for its counterpart, canned salmon, if it aligns more with your palate.

19. Ham and Cheese Casserole

You might have observed that a significant number of these one-dish wonders incorporate a cream-based soup of some kind to imbue a depth of flavor and richness.

I’m completely fine with that, yet if you’re seeking a variant with a reduced salt content, this should be your go-to recipe.

Ditching the pre-made options, you’ll concoct a straightforward creamy concoction with the help of milk, cream, and a blend of spices including onion and garlic powder.

18. Dump-and-Bake Shrimp and Rice Casserole

I’m totally an advocate for saving time, and this recipe doesn’t disappoint in offering several handy shortcuts!

Once more, a cream of mushroom soup will be utilized to create a delightful sauce, accompanied by a dash of flavor, complemented by the convenience of frozen chopped onions to expedite the process.

To whip it up in no time, opt for pre-cooked rice, either homemade or purchased, otherwise anticipate a lengthier preparation and cooking span.

17. Cheesy Chili Mac Casserole

Though a meat sauce paired with Italian herbs is heavenly, my inclination leans towards a Tex-Mex-inspired chili with a hint of zest, accompanied by corn and beans.

This creation serves as an excellent method to revamp leftover chili, especially if pairing it with rice isn’t your preference.

I tend to enrich it with roasted sweet potatoes for an added starch component, coupled with a generous serving of jalapeños!

16. Pizza Casserole

While pizza holds a special place in our hearts, frequent consumption doesn’t align with conventional dietary advice.

While not a direct substitute, this dish encapsulates all the cherished pizza flavors, successfully tricking your palate!

15. Philly Cheese Steak Casserole

Given the hefty price tag associated with steak, I appreciate this economical rendition of a cheesesteak.

Utilizing ground beef ensures the preservation of a robust flavor profile, merging seamlessly with the pasta.

However, if authenticity is what you seek, give this variation a try.

The inclusion of rib-eye, albeit a luxurious choice, proves economical as thin slicing means extended usage.

14. Baked Reuben Casserole

The Reuben, a staple sandwich, amalgamates corned beef, Swiss cheese, fermented cabbage, and a specific dressing.

Traditionally sandwiched between rye slices, it undergoes grilling or toasting.

This innovative take transforms the sandwich, introducing an egg element, making it a versatile choice for either breakfast or lunch.

You’ll assemble layers of rye, followed by pastrami, cheese, fermented cabbage, and dressing before encapsulating it akin to a bread pudding.

13. Chicken Tortilla Casserole

While lasagna represents the epitome of comfort food, have you ventured into the realm of Tex-Mex lasagna?

Swapping pasta for tortillas as separators, and substituting ground meat and tomato concoction with shredded poultry and Rotel tomatoes, reinvents this classic.

The quintessential elements of a Tex-Mex dish, beans and corn, find their place here, ideally complemented by a generous serving of guacamole.

12. Creamy Turkey Tetrazzini

Paying homage to the famed Luisa Tetrazzini, this American culinary creation predominantly features diced poultry, mushrooms, and a cheesy concoction.

Distinctively, it employs spaghetti as opposed to penne, offering a subtle variation from typical pasta bakes.

This version proposes the inclusion of turkey, a clever strategy to recycle leftovers, yet feel free to replace it with chicken or shrimp as per your preference.

11. Unstuffed Shells Casserole

Though stuffed pasta shells present a visual delight upon serving, their assembly demands time and patience.

Why not opt for a more straightforward approach utilizing tinier shells?

As the components blend, the stuffing naturally integrates with the pasta, retaining the delightful taste without the hassle!

10. Baked Potato Casserole

As someone immensely fond of potatoes, I find myself preparing this one-dish meal quite frequently, perhaps once every four weeks. It basically brings together pureed potatoes embellished with numerous complementary additions!

The incorporation of condensed milk, tangy cream, along with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, yields potatoes that are notably fluffy, succulent, and packed with zest.

Remember, there’s no such thing as too many garnishes. It’s nearly impossible to overdo it with cheese and bacon accents.


9. Baked Ziti

This variant of ziti bake is a common sight at communal meals or familial gatherings.

Its widespread popularity stems from its delightful taste, affordability, simplicity in preparation, and the universal affection towards it.

It holds a particular appeal among the younger crowd due to its notably cheesy base, distinguishing it from several pasta recipes that primarily feature robust tomato-based sauces.

8. Beef Tamale Casserole for Brunch

Tamales, a celebrated Mexican culinary delight, usually involve cornmeal encompassing a mixture of meat, legumes, and cheese.

In instances where crafting and packaging a considerable quantity isn’t feasible, this casserole serves as a fantastic alternative.

Its foundation, cornbread, shares a similar taste profile but offers a firmer structure to sustain the fillings more efficiently.

7. Chicken Divan Casserole

Though the components list for this recipe might seem extensive, each element plays a crucial role, so aim to retain the entire assortment.

The lush base is created using a blend of poultry cream soup, egg-based emulsion, a splash of white wine (substitutable with poultry broth), citrus extract, aromatic spices including curry and tarragon, onion essence, red spice, and grounded pepper.

Merge these to create a blend, which then accommodates poultry pieces, green veggies, and cheese.

A pristine completion is achieved with buttery Ritz biscuit crumbles as the crown, introducing a wonderful creamy taste.

6. Everything Bagel Breakfast Casserole

In our residence, the scenario of leftover all-inclusive bagels is a rarity. Their freshness compels me to indulge in them across all meals!

If, perchance, you find yourself with extras, consider utilizing this scrumptious morning bake recipe.

On a recent attempt, I omitted the red fruits and bell peppers, emphasizing the quintessential morning flavors of bacon and egg, yielding an equally delightful result.


5. Million-Dollar Spaghetti Casserole

Perhaps it’s a figment of my imagination, but spaghetti consumption doesn’t induce the usual post-meal heaviness.

That draws me towards this dish considerably. It serves as a more refreshing variant of the customary pasta bake.

This spaghetti creation emerged from a lasagna craving that encountered a shortage of pasta layers, unwittingly giving rise to my newfound favorite.

4. Traditional Lancashire Hotpot

This culinary tradition, transcending a two-century timeline, originated in the northern English territories, yet its adaptations can be encountered across the UK.

Fundamentally, it involves a gradual cooking process of lamb (or beef as an alternative) accompanied by onions and carrots, enveloped in a basic gravy, and crowned with potato slices.

The lower potato layer absorbs the meat and veggie essence, while the upper layer achieves a radiant golden crust, offering a delightful crunch.

3. The Pioneer Woman’s Twice Baked Potato Casserole

Though technically feasible with any variety, the optimal choices for potato mashing post-cooking are either Russet or Yukon Gold.

Several other variants might yield excessively dry or soft results.

When time permits, opting for an oven-baking method retains the nutrient content, usually sacrificed during boiling.

Furthermore, retaining the skin introduces an added textural element, also serving as a nutrient-rich component.

2. Cajun Shrimp Casserole

Consistent with numerous Cajun culinary creations, this one-dish meal boasts a medley of onions, garlic, citrus zest, pepper, coupled with a generous spice quotient.

If the inclusion of okra isn’t to your preference, feel free to exclude it, possibly substituting with celery.

To escalate the spice level, infuse some hot sauce dashes, coupled with a sprinkling of Old Bay seasoning, particularly when shrimp is involved.

1. Loaded Cauliflower Casserole – Best Casserole Recipe!

Presenting another marvelous carbohydrate-conscious alternative to a traditional favorite.

For enthusiasts of the aforementioned potato dish who desire a slightly more nutritious variant, this recipe caters perfectly.

I personally favor oven-roasting the cauliflower to accentuate its taste nuances. However, if you opt for boiling or steaming, ensure thorough drainage to prevent moisture overload, which could potentially spoil the cheesy concoction.


Best Casserole Recipes

Casserole Recipes

35 Healthy Casseroles for Your Family

35 Best Casserole Recipes to Satisfy Every Palate.


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