15 Delicious Authentic Cookie Recipes From Around The World

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If you’re a cookie connoisseur who enjoys experimenting with new recipes, why not try some cookie recipes from around the world? With that said, I have compiled a list of authentic cookie recipes from around the world that you’ll love!

15. Ghee Butter Shortbread Cookie Recipe | Nankhatai Recipe

Actually, Ghee made from grass-fed butter is packed with vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as fatty acids CLA and butyric acid, leading to some interesting health benefits. No wonder Ghee is back with a bang. Everywhere you go, people are raving about the ghee or coconut oil.

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14. Maamoul Cookies | How to Make Maamoul Cookies

Let me introduce you to Ma’amoul Cookies. These are Middle Eastern Date Stuffed Cookies. These Maamoul Cookies are not limited to just Date filling though. You can try other fillings such as a nut mixture filling etc. Even go for chocolate fillings and I think, that will be brilliant.

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13. Sweet Potato Cookies

My sweet potato cookies have a soft and chewy texture; they are made with sweet potato, butter and semolina along with other few ingredients then topped with pecan for some crunchiness. They are absolutely amazing for breakfast or dessert; even kids love them so much, especially with their golden orange colour.

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12. Eggnog Cookies

Delicious, fluffy, and soft, these eggnog cookies are the perfect treat for the holidays. They have a tender texture and lovely eggnog, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavours. This is one of my favourite Christmas cookie recipes. It is easy to make and is always a big hit at holiday parties. It is also suitable for a cookie exchange.

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11. Kue Putri Salju – Indonesian Snow White Butter Cookies

Kue Putri Salju literally means Snow White cookies. But, I personally prefer to call them Snow White Butter Cookies because they’re quite buttery. They’re popular cookies in Indonesia. Especially for festive celebrations such as Eid, Christmas, etc.

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10. Soft and Fudgy Matcha Crinkle Cookies

Soft matcha cookies with a sweet and crispy exterior and slightly fudgy centre. These crinkle cookies are the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, and the vibrant green makes it perfect for your Christmas baking list!

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9. Pignoli Cookies – With or Without Almond Paste!

These pignoli cookies are incredibly quick and easy to make and are a typical Italian cookie with a crisp exterior and chewy interior. They can be made with or without almond paste and there’s even a paleo option. Regardless of which version you make, there are only five ingredients!

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8. How to Make Classic Madeleines

Tasting a classic madeleine right as it comes out of the oven is an unforgettable experience. Learn how to successfully make them at home using clever tips and an easy recipe.

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7. Mantecaditos (Almond-Flavored Butter Cookies)

Not only are these mantecaditos super simple to whip up, but they’re also freezer-friendly. As a result, you can make a ton of cookies ahead, pop them into the freezer, and have a quick treat for dessert, guests, or teatime. I mean, if you’re fancy enough to do teatime.

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6. Anise Pizzelle Recipe

One of my favorite Christmas cookie recipe is my grandmother’s anise pizzelle recipe. Golden brown, thin and crispy pizzelles are a MUST for any holiday cookie tray.

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5. Ghraybeh (Middle Eastern Shortbread Cookies)

These cookies have the ability to transport me back to my childhood. There is something about their creamy like texture and the way they just melt in your mouth. It’s incredible! I remember having these cookies around since I was a little kid, either store bought or home baked by my Mum.

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4. Chebakia (Moroccan Sesame Cookies)

Chebakia are traditional Moroccan cookies, shaped like roses. The cookies are fried until golden brown, coated in syrup, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. In the Middle East, these delicious cookies are usually served for Ramadan and other special occasions. However, feel free to make them any time of year, along with Chai or Turkish coffee.

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3. Swedish Toffee Cookies (Kolasnittar)

Kolasnittar are popular cookies here in Sweden. Snitt (plural snittar) which means cut in English, probably refers to the way they are sliced (diagonally, after baking). Although the shape of snittar is pretty uniform, thickness and length can vary enormously.

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2. Czech Kolacky with Poppy Seed Filling

Czech Kolacky are flaky, golden brown rounds of cream cheese pastry filled with a sweetened poppy seed filling. They are a perfect addition to your Christmas cookie platter!

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1. Speculaas

Speculaas is a biscuit that is eaten a lot in the Netherlands, as well as chocolate letters, pepernoten and banket letters, around Sinterklaas. This cookie is also very popular in Germany. In Belgium, they have a similar cookie, speculoos, but contrary to what many people think this is not the same as speculaas. Speculoos or biscoff as the American call them, contain less or even no spices.

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Delicious Authentic Cookie Recipes From Around The World

Delicious Authentic Cookie Recipes From Around The World

Here are authentic cookie recipes from across the globe that you will enjoy munching on!




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