Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I don’t have much to share today about work and blogging, we are in a festive mood, and Nuno brought me this wonderful flower today! I always prefer the flowers sold in a pot, and Nuno knows it, because it makes me sad to think of the traditional flower bouquets that won’t survive more than a week if you are lucky. Flowers in pots are alive, …

Porto – the Best European Destination 2017!

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Hey, world! Today I’m sooooo happy to share with you great news important for everyone who lives in Porto. The city has been selected for the third time since 2012 as the winner in Best European Destinations Award. More details about this Award are available on their site europeanbestdestinations.com to make it short, people from all over the world (174 countries) are invited to make an online …

Winter in Portugal

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Why do I like living in Portugal so much? Well, there are many reasons but let me just give you an example of today. It’s February 7, and my apartment is lit with sunshine, the temperature outside is +15. Yes, it’s a typical afternoon for a Portuguese winter day. I live in the north of the country, in the charming city of Porto. Here the temperatures never …