How to take food pictures like a pro with a smartphone

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If you are reading this post, that’s because you are probably a new food blogger trying to find out how to take food pictures like a pro with a smartphone. This is the right place to be for you because I will give you very simple instructions for beginners – you will know how to DIY your lightning for free! and edit photos on your smartphone to …

Try these 9 Easy Keto Recipes for a Healthy Dinner for your Ketogenic diet. Improve your keto mealplan with these easy low-carb Keto ideas that will help you burn fat and lose weight faster! Ketogenic fat bombs will help in your winter diet when you need a lot of energy and want to cut carbs

9 Easy Keto recipes for a fat burning low carb dinner

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The Ketogenic diet, also called Keto, is quite popular as it allows you to lose weight without cutting off the food you love – meat, bacon, cheese, butter, etc. Everything that is rich in fat is welcome. You replace the carb with fats and this makes your body use fat as the source of energy – this metabolic state is called Ketosis. Winter is the time when …

Save this collection to check later the best Keto pancakes recipes for a perfect breakfast while you are on the Ketogenic diet. These low carb pancakes have almond and coconut flour base, I found a recipe for savory pancakes and great Keto waffles option!

7 Best Keto Pancakes Recipes – Easy Low Carb Delights

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I’m not sure why, but everyone I know loves pancakes. For me, they are associated with my childhood memories of Sunday mornings when my mom would spend 40 minutes in the kitchen making her specialty – pancakes, and then in under 20 minutes, they would all be gone 🙂 On a Ketogenic diet, people still crave for the food they are used to have before starting a …

Save these best Keto bread recipes to keep your Ketosis and eat products you are used to. These Easy Low Carb bread recipes are ideal for Ketogenic diet and will help you stay in Ketosis without restricting your favorite food.

6 Best Easy Keto Bread Recipes – Low Carb Bread For Ketogenic Diet

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While keeping Keto diet, many of us miss products we used to have all our life – such as bread, for example. The best part of low carb diet, which many don’t realize, is that you can find a replacement for almost everything and consume fewer carbs while having food very similar to what you were used to before starting the diet. I found several amazingly easy …

Looking for ways to make money UK extra cash? Make money in the UK work at home. Make money online UK tips - best surey sites, micro-tasks, product testing, etc.

5 Ways to Make Money Online in the UK – How to Make Money at Home

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I’m not sure in which life situation you are now, and why were you looking for advice about ways to make money online in the UK, but I know for sure that there are several legit ways to earn £1,000 of extra cash per month while working from home. Swagbucks – play games, watch videos and make cash! This survey platform became very popular because of the …

How to Start a Blog in 10 minutes: a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners. Start your blog and make money online!

How to Start a Blog in 10 minutes – 2018 Tutorial

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Thousands of articles on the Internet answer the question how to start a blog but most of them only speak about the very first steps, such as choosing a hosting or blogging platform, registering a domain name. It’s not just as simple as that. Before creating a blog, you need to think about its topic, structure, monetization strategy, etc. In this guide, I tried to summarize my …

I made a collection of my favorite best no bake cheesecake recipes - these are very easy and quick desserts. No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake, mango cheesecake, Salted Caramel Coconut Cheesecake and other great recipes!

5 BEST No Bake Cheesecake Recipes – Quick and Easy Desserts

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I’m kinda crazy about cheesecakes, and what makes me particularly fond of them is the variety of no bake cheesecake recipes. This is a heavenly dessert and it takes so little time to prepare. Usually, you just need to keep the cheesecake in the fridge for 4 hours to get the solid structure. How do you make a simple no bake cheesecake? Most of the cheesecakes are absolutely …

Check Top-10 low carb cheesecake recipes including easy low carb cheesecake no bake and keto options. No sugar low carb cheesecakes diabetic friendly. Low carb cheesecake bites for people on the Ketogenic diet.

Low Carb Cheesecake Recipe – TOP-10 Easy Bites or No Bake Keto Recipes

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The beauty of these low carb cheesecake recipe collection is that everyone will love them! And ask you to make them again and again. And you will be glad to make them because they are so easy and fast recipes! Some are no bake, others take just 10 minutes to prepare. This is just amazing how low carb cheesecakes can make everyone happy, including the cook who …

Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone!

How you can Check Search Volume for Keywords on Pinterest?

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Keyword research on Pinterest looks like this: You search for some keyword, Pinterest shows you the search suggestions. Then you can click on one of the suggestions and you will see more long-tail keywords:   You also know that these keywords are displayed in the descending order, so the keywords on the left are the most popular. That’s it, you can’t find the exact search volume for …