BoardBooster Review – How to Choose the Right Pinterest Scheduler

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Update June, 21 (2018): Today Pinterest made the ultimate statement in the 2 week-long BoardBooster drama. They sent out an email to everyone who ever used BoardBooster warning us that using this specific scheduler can lead to account suspension. As much as this tool has been helpful and affordable, Pinterest and Tailwind decided to terminate BoardBooster as a business. There is still some hope that BoardBooster founder …

Starting a blog? Let me tell you how to choose a domain name – beginner guide for picking a domain name. Recommendations on how to register a domain for FREE!

How to choose a domain name for a blog

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  I know the pain of making decisions when you are starting a blog.  You are just a newbie in this area, nonetheless, you already need to know how to choose a domain name for a blog, how to register a domain, how to set up the best hosting for your WordPress site. You get overwhelmed and stuck at the very first steps of your life-changing blogging …

How to Know Which Group Boards Are Bad for your Pinterest Traffic. You have to get into many Pinterest Group Boards to get traffic from Pinterest - every blogger knows it. But are all the group boards good for your Pinterest account and traffic? And should you leave some of the group boards to save yourself from trouble on Pinterest?

How to Know Which Pinterest Group Boards Are Not Worth Your Time

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  As a new blogger, you probably get yourself into ANY Pinterest group boards that let you in. I did the same and when you have a new Pinterest account with 0 followers, you should be happy to get any invites to group boards at all. At a certain point though, you start wondering if it’s worth sending requests to some of the groups which have 300 …

How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Links. Check out the worst mistakes you probably make with Pinterest Affiliate links. Get the best Pinterest Affiliate Tips in one place!

How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Links

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  Wait, wait, wait… didn’t Pinterest take away the feature of posting affiliate links? Yes, they did in 2015, to fight spam and scams. They worked on the algorithms and improved them, so now bloggers can enjoy the privilege of using Pinterest affiliate links again! Why would I make Pinterest Affiliate Posts? Most of the bloggers love affiliate marketing because it’s quite a passive way of making …

How to Make Quick But Killer Pinterest Images

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  I am sure you are all aware of the fantastic potential that Pinterest gives bloggers and website owners in terms of a traffic source. One of the real benefits it gives is you can have a modest number of followers, yet you can still get great results. Unlike traditional SEO where you often need months of work, building links, getting shares and engagement to have your …

Pinterest Trends: How To Go Viral On Pinterest with Trending and Seasonal Content

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  Do you want to know how I’m able to get over 13,000 pageviews from Pinterest in a day with viral pins? Yes, you caught this right, I’ve got about 13,000 pageviews in one day thanks to one viral post on Pinterest. The secret sauce in most of the viral pins is that I saved them at the right time, and I chose some trending topics which …

Pinterest Sales Funnels: Can Pinterest Traffic Convert as Good as Google? Pinterest marketing tips for bloggers and businesses. Social media marketing. #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #socialmedia #sales #salestips #socialmediamarketing

Pinterest Sales Funnel: Can Pinterest Traffic Convert as Good as Google?

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  You already know that the majority of my blogging income comes from ads and the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest. So, based on my blogs, we can tell Pinterest traffic works great for ad monetization. But how about sales of products/services using Pinterest as a marketing funnel? A common misconception about Pinterest is that it’s a social media platform, people go to Pinterest to …

100 Catchy Headlines & Blog Post Title Templates

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  How do you create catchy blog post titles, which generate tons of shares, likes and ultimately help your posts go viral? What makes your posts shareable is the emotions you evoke in readers. There is an interesting study of viral images conducted by Fractl. The research was based on top images from the site imgur, the objective was to understand which emotions were behind this virality …

Step by Step Guide to Create a Social Media Campaign

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  When we talk about social media marketing, what usually comes to mind is a summary of everything a strategist plans and hopes to achieve with the use of social media. While this is partly true, it’s just half of the equation. The other half signifies the action guides that would let the social media strategist know whether she’s falling or succeeding. Each comment, like, reply, or …

8 Travel Blogs That Will Skyrocket Your Desire To Travel

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Are you finding it difficult to grow your travel blog?  It is possible that you have tried everything but still cannot get it to take off like the top travel bloggers. Maybe you have seen the top bloggers in the travel niche share their income report or even featured as a top travel blog. If you have been blogging for 12 months or more you will know …