How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest [2022 Ultimate Guide]

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Hashtags are actively used on various social media platform, and people often get confused about how to use hashtags on Pinterest. This is the ultimate guide with the most recent information on Pinterest hashtags. UPDATE 2022 You can still use hashtags on Pinterest (in your pin descriptions) but it doesn’t help you get higher impressions and doesn’t help with Pinterest SEO either.  Do Hashtags Work on Pinterest? …

From a New Blogger to Reaching Mediavine Requirements in 9 Months – Mostly with Pinterest Traffic

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  If you know me or have been following me for a while, you would know that I share a lot about my blogging experience, Pinterest tips, and online business tips in general.  But today, I wanted to talk to a guest – her name is Victoria, and she will share the story of her growth in her online business at When did you start your …

Pinterest Best Practices 2022 | NEW Pinterest Spam Policies | Tailwind SmartGuide

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  This is huge, guys! Pinterest finally came up with some very important information that will help us keep our accounts safe and within Pinterest Spam Policies. We’ve been waiting for years to get a little bit of clarity about the limits of pinning on Pinterest. And I’m happy to see that Pinterest started giving us some idea of what can get us caught into spam filters! …

13 Pinterest SEO Optimization Steps (2022) to Get High-Quality Traffic

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Are you confused about search engine optimization for Pinterest? Do you want to know what’s the best Pinterest SEO strategy for 2022? How to rank high on Pinterest? Knowing the key ranking factors, and including them in my strategy, helps me get over 300,000/mo pageviews of free organic traffic to my blog. This article will help you get high-quality free traffic to your website.  Pinterest is a …

How Pinterest Traffic to My Blog Tripled in 2 weeks. Here is my Pinterest strategy which helped me to grow my blog traffic and income. Learn how to create viral pins and drive tons of Pinterest traffic even with a small following, as a new blogger.

How Pinterest Traffic to My Blog Tripled in 2 weeks

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  Since you came to this post to see the miracle of traffic growth with Pinterest promised in the title, I want first to remind you that at the time when I’m writing this post, my account can be considered quite small, I’m still under 2000 followers (note: depending on when you are reading this post, I am probably having more Pinterest followers right now). By the …

Learn how to find the best affiliate marketing programs to promote on your blog to make a substantial online income every month from your blog

How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs To Promote on Your Blog

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  How you ever wondered how bloggers really make money online? Especially those that are not big enough to collaborate with name brands or don’t have enough traffic to earn anything substantial through ads? Well, I’m here to reveal that it’s through Affiliate Marketing and affiliate sales. What is Affiliate Marketing? If you’re not already familiar with the term, affiliate marketing is a way to make money …