How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest [2023 Ultimate Guide]

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Hashtags are actively used on various social media platform, and people often get confused about how to use hashtags on Pinterest. This is the ultimate guide with the most recent information on Pinterest hashtags.


You can still use hashtags on Pinterest (in your pin descriptions) but it doesn’t help you get higher impressions and doesn’t help with Pinterest SEO either. 

Do Hashtags Work on Pinterest?

Yes, as of 2023, using hashtags on Pinterest is a great idea to help your content or products show up to new audiences on this platform.

Pinterest wants us to use hashtags that are relevant to the content of pins because hashtags are used as wide search phrases.

You should NOT apply the spam techniques used on Instagram to attract users by adding popular hashtags that have nothing to do with the image they are attached to.

Pinterest accounts get suspended really easily by triggering spam filters. Getting your account reinstated is a long process that can take months, and some accounts are never reinstated again. So, on Pinterest, you better be safe and stay away from spammy methods because these experiments might not be worth the risk.

Hashtags on Pinterest. Pinterest Marketing tips. Social media marketing

Do You Use Hashtags On Pinterest?

A good question to ask me personally because just two years ago I would tell you hashtags for Pinterest are a bad idea. It was back in the middle of 2017 when Pinterest invited hashtags back to the platform after a few years of keeping them as a complete no-no.

You can read more about that change in my Pinterest Updates post (I track in it the most significant changes on Pinterest for many years).

When hashtags were allowed again in 2017, it wasn’t quite clear how we should use them, how many of them per pin, etc. I was pretty cautious and was slowly adding hashtags to my new pins, just a couple of hashtags per pin.

So, should you use hashtags on Pinterest?

Yes! In 2023, I am using hashtags confidently for every new pin I save from my site – I usually add about 5-6 hashtags maximum. I’ll tell you why later in this post, so keep reading.

The Right Way of Using Hashtags on Pinterest [2023]

How To Add Hashtags On Pinterest

First things first. Where and how do you add Pinterest hashtags? The only place you need to add hashtags to (as of 2021) is your pin descriptions.

When you save any pin from your site, you are asked to add a pin description. You can add hashtags manually for every pin while you are saving it to Pinterest.

As soon as you add # sign and start typing a keyword that you are targeting in your pin, Pinterest will autosuggest the full hashtag and will show you how often this hashtag is used on the platform.

I always add hashtags at the end of pin descriptions for two reasons:

  • If a user actually reads the pin description, any text mixed with hashtags is harder than a normal text to be read. So basically, hashtags are added not for people to read but for the Pinterest algorithm to understand better what my pin is about;
  • Hashtags are links to collections of pins on the same topic. If I give hashtags too close to the beginning of pin description, I help users to click away from my site. That’s what I definitely don’t want to do 🙂
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About Keyword Relevancy of Pinterest Hashtags

In the Pinterest Content Tips, you’ll find that hashtags have to be relevant to your content because they work as search terms. They explain that hashtags on Pinterest, unlike to other platforms, should not be funny or creative. They have to be on the topic first and foremost:

So for a fashion brand, something like #springfashion would work well—but #ilookterribleinhats wouldn’t.

Should you Add Hashtags to Your Older Pins?

The answer is NO because hashtags currently work only as a search for the newer pins. So if you published a new pin (an image that was never before saved on Pinterest from your URL) with hashtags a few seconds ago, you will almost certainly will find it by searching for this hashtag. If it’s a very popular hashtag, in 1 hour or so, your pin will be buried under all the other pins saved with the same hashtag.

How to find Most Popular Hashtags on Pinterest?

Pinterest hashtags generator is available inside Pinterest itself. Like I showed you on the screenshot above, the only way to see how popular is any given keywords as a hashtag is to start typing it WHILE trying to save a pin from a website.

Doesn’t have to be your own pin or your own site. If you want just to do research and not save any pin, you can still search Pinterest tags – just initiate pin saving from any website and the platform will show you a list of hashtags.

The Pinterest hashtag generator can show you additional hashtags which start from the same keyword you are typing but don’t expect it to be smart in guessing related hashtags which are formed of completely different words.

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Using How Many Hashtags On Pinterest Is OK?

There is no specific number, so I’ll give you all the info you need to take a wise decision for yourself:

  • Pinterest allows a maximum of 20 hashtags per pin – official info here.
  • Pinterest suggests in their Content Tips using “a few” hashtags per pin. I understand a few as 2-3.
  • I personally use 5-6 hashtags per pin. I believe that adding more than this, I would have to go offtopic and add something not so relevant to my pin as hashtags.

Pro Tip from

I tend to have a mix of specific and “wide” hashtags to avoid using multiple hashtags with the same keyword. This could be considered spam.

For example, if we take #pinterestmarketing as the main hashtag for this post, I would not add all the hashtags starting with the same keyword “pinterest”. Instead, I would add wider a few hashtags so that my pin can be shown to audiences who might be interested in Pinterest marketing, but maybe never thought about it before and didn’t search for #pinterestmarketing specifically.

So, I would add for example #socialmediamarketing, #digitalmarketing, #bloggingtips, #onlinebusinesstips. See, I didn’t have to use the word “pinterest” in every hashtag to show my content to similar audiences.

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Hashtags on Pinterest. Pinterest Marketing tips. Social media marketing



How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest (2023 Ultimate Guide)

How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest (2023 Ultimate Guide)


Do Hashtags Work on Pinterest?

Do You Use Hashtags On Pinterest?

The Right Way of Using Hashtags on Pinterest

Using How Many Hashtags On Pinterest Is OK?

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  1. Thank you for this 🙂 ! I knew we were allowed hashtags but I didn’t know exactly what would work! I’ll be sure to include this information in my stategy 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for the tips!
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      Thank you so much for watching my Youtube videos and visiting me here on my blog! I really appreciate you finding my Pinterest tips helpful!

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  3. Thanks for the post. I use anywhere from 4 to 8 per post and haven’t had a problem yet. Generally, it’s hard to add more than that and not seem spammy, like for the ‘pinterest’ keyword example you gave.

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