The Ultimate List Of Fashion Blog Ideas & Fashion Blog Post Ideas 2023

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Why you should start a blog

I could give you many valid reasons why you should start a blog. But if you want a reliable source of passive income, starting a blog right away is the best thing you can do, in my opinion. Blogging creates new opportunities for earning money while doing what you love and working from home.

Blogging will be ideal for you if you enjoy writing and helping others in finding solutions to their problems.

Additionally, if you run a business, this is a fantastic way to build your brand, increase brand recognition, and attract new clients. You can rely on blogging for business purposes to help you share more information with your audience and customers about your products and services.
It can also assist you in generating leads or attracting visitors to your main website, online course, online store, and other websites.
If you first want to establish a strong community and gain the audience’s trust, blogging is the ideal platform. People will begin visiting your blog for advice, recommendations for products and services, and other things if you blog regularly and produce content that is high quality and trustworthy.

Aside from this, if you have a hobby or passion of your own, and you want to earn money while writing about it and basically doing what you love, then I highly recommend you to start a blog right now!

For example, if you consider yourself a fashionista and you love playing dress up, watching fashion shows, collecting clothes, and just being stylish, then you may want to start a fashion blog.

How to start a fashion blog

Are fashion blogs still relevant? How do you describe a fashion blog?

Fashion blogs are one of the blogging niches that are profitable. And once you have built your name as a successful fashion influencer, then brand deals and passive income will immediately come to you.

And in case you were wondering, starting a fashion blog or joining the fashion industry is never too late. If you want to learn how to create a fashion blog, then I have some easy steps for you.

What do you want to focus on?

Once you start a new blog, you may be excited to talk about everything and anything under the sun. However, it is best to start with a focus in mind. Sure, you can talk about fashion in general, but if you want to have a community early on, then you may want to establish yourself an expertise in a specific category in fashion.

Here are some sub niches around fashion you could potentially focus on:

  • Street fashion
  • High fashion
  • Seasonal fashion
  • Haute couture
  • Thrift fashion
  • and more!

Fashion blog ideas

Think of your blog name

Now here starts the fun part. You may want to think of an eye-catching blog name that describes you, your blog, and your style. Make sure your readers know what they will expect on your blog the second they go on it.

You can play around with the words “fashion”, “style”, etc. or you can even just go with your name.

Choose a reliable web hosting

If there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s web hosting. Getting a self hosted WordPress blog means you have all the freedom and rights to your content and earnings. This is especially important to consider if you want to make money through your bag.

To explain it more clearly, there’s hosted and there’s self-hosted. Hosted platforms include free blogging websites such as Blogger, Wix, etc., meaning that that platform handles all the updates and ads for you while giving you restrictions and guidelines you should follow. And yes, the revenue from the ads you see on your blog won’t be yours – it will be theirs.

On the other hand, getting self-hosted means you get to have full freedom to design and create all the content and visuals you desire; you just need a hosting company to help you store and take care of all your hard work. 

Customize your website

Now for my personal favorite part – choosing a theme for your blog and customizing its appearance. If you do not have a budget, then do not worry because there are several pre-made free WordPress templates and themes that are beautiful. There are even themes that are specially catered to fashion blogging.

fashion blogger recording video

Fashion blog post ideas for fashion bloggers: What content ideas should I write as a fashion blogger

Now that you have made your blog, it is now time to start thinking of blog post ideas for fashion. You now need to start coming up with blog posts that are related to your niche or topic. Whether it’s informative or purely for entertainment, as long as you have gained your reader’s interest, then you are doing a great job.

But now you may ask: What do you write in a fashion blog? What are some fashion topics that people are looking for on Google? There are plenty of content out there but you must learn how to find the best keyword or keywords that are related to your topic.

But if you are too lazy to visit tons of blogs, then I have here the ultimate blog post topic ideas for fashion blogs you can get inspiration from. These posts include 30 blog post ideas and more:

  • Budget-friendly fashion. Styling tips and tricks without breaking the bank
  • Fashion latest trends
  • How to find your personal style
  • List of the favorite fashion bloggers and influencers
  • Ways to style clothing or accessory
  • How to style clothes according to your body type
  • Trendy fashion recommendations
  • New fashion tips for the new season
  • Favorite high fashion brands and expensive items
  • Favorite outfits of the week or month
  • How to stay fashionable
  • Look chic with casual clothing
  • How to repurpose old clothes
  • Pinterest fashion finds
  • Seasonal fashion trends
  • How to find fashion small businesses
  • How to become a fashion blogger or influencer
  • Comparison of fashion trends through the years
  • How to repurpose old clothing
  • Fashion brands you may want to collaborate with
  • Creative ideas or ways to style a scarf
  • Bag + clothing pairing
  • How to color coordinate clothes
  • The best dupes for high-end fashion products
  • Inspirational fashion icons
  • Listography of fashion recommendations
  • Black Friday sale recommendations
  • Favorite Looks Of The Season
  • How to save money when you shop
  • My Fashion Wishlist
  • and so much more!

When it comes to post ideas for fashion bloggers, the possibilities are practically endless! You may start with a weekly post about the latest fashion trends, some styling tips, or budget-friendly fashion hacks so your readers won’t need to splurge on expensive brands. Sometimes, you can even insert some lifestyle posts or two!

Just always write your blog posts with readers interested in fashion in mind. This means that you do not need to use fancy or hard-to-understand words in your blog articles. Fashion blogs usually have a more personal and fun way of writing to them.

Successful fashion blogs & fashion bloggers

Do fashion bloggers get paid? How do fashion bloggers make money? If those are your main questions after starting a blog, then get ready for the good news. Yes, fashion bloggers get paid simply by blogging. Don’t believe me? Here are some fashion blogs and bloggers that are currently on the rise. Just check their blogs and look at it yourselves – you be the judge:

Curious as to how they got successful just by talking about fashion? 

How Do Fashion Bloggers Get Paid?

Display ads

Placing ads on your blog is the simplest way to start making money from your fashion blog. You can easily apply for and Google Adsense if you’re a beginner. But keep in mind that they pay very little, so it will take some time before you start making a respectable income.

The worst thing you could possibly do to earn an extra dollar per day from ads is to cover your blog in ad blocks and frustrate your readers with too many ad pop-ups or your website loading very slowly.

So, as a beginner, I would highly suggest focusing first on building a community and getting traffic. That way, when you have enough traffic, you can apply for higher-paying display advertising networks. If you have reached 50,000+ sessions per month, you can apply for MediaVine Publisher Network. And if you reach 100,000+ pageviews, you can then apply to Adthrive which promises that an average site will earn 3x more per page view with their ads. 

Patience and hard work are key!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you can get a more convenient way of earning passive income. Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you endorse a product or service (in your case, fashion items) to your readers through the use of unique tracking links or affiliate links.

Once your readers purchase something using your link, you will get a referral commission. Easy as that! Of course, you will have to put a disclosure that you are getting a commission.

Most fashion companies and brands have affiliate programs with no needed requirements so make sure you apply to as many as you can!

Bonus tip: when you have an email list, you can also start affiliate marketing the products you recommend through your weekly newsletter.

Products and Services

If you are a fashion blogger and you also have a fashion brand yourself where you have your own products, then you can immediately start selling and promoting your stuff through your blog. You can easily put a Shop or Products/Services page on your blog for your audience to conveniently see what you are offering.

You can either sell physical products (fashion items, clothing, etc) or digital products such as fashion-related ebooks, images, and more.

For services, you can also offer fashion online coaching, or become an online fashion consultant!

Sponsors and Partnerships

Now, this is the exciting part. Working with your favorite brands and fashion companies! Once you have built a following, advertisers such as companies, small businesses, or solo entrepreneurs will contact you through your site contact form or email address once they see that you are fit to promote their products or services. With this, you can set your own price for a blog post featuring them. And honestly, who would say no to free stuff, right?

How to promote your fashion blog: Pinterest for fashion bloggers

How do I get my fashion blog noticed? How do I make my fashion blog popular? I am sure that those are the first few questions you will have once you have published your first blog posts. Yes, gaining readers and web visitors can take quite some time but if you want a quick, sure way of building a community, then I highly recommend Pinterest.

I am sure you are already aware of this but Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to people looking for fashion and style inspirations. That is because Pinterest is not just a social media platform – it’s a search engine just like Google but instead, it focuses more on the visual aspects. Hence, the images. So when you search for something on Pinterest, instead of texts, pins and images will appear.

And how big is the Fashion category on Pinterest you ask? You can do your further research through some suggested related topics like Fashion Trends with 2.3 million followers, and other popular categories. 

So yes, if you are a fashion blogger, then you should definitely add Pinterest at the top of your marketing strategy. You just need to create pins, optimize the keywords, add a direct link to your pin redirecting to your website, and wait for the visitors to come in!

Interested in learning more? You can read my post here about PINTEREST FOR FASHION BLOGS: HOW FASHION BLOGGERS MAKE MONEY.

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