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Site / Theme Setup

Based on the questions I get from people, many are simply terrified with setting up a site on Wordpress.

Installing and setting up a theme, installing the most important plugins and setting them up too, basically, with putting all the dots together to start a website on the right track. 

And you also are absolutely right – I will not only set up Wordpress for you, but will also install on your site a premium Wordpress theme – you will have a lifetime access to the theme (this is a $249 bonus to this offer, can you imagine??)

Examples of the Divi Premium Theme websites / blogs:


And many, many more!


Divi Theme is very popular

And I use it on one of my blogs. 🙂

I will install Divi theme and set up the most important plugins any website should have from day one.

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Free WordPress Installation + Premium Theme
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1. Installation of WordPress to your domain.

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Friendly reminder: this offer is only available if you purchase hosting through my affiliate link.

Note: theme installation is done with the default theme design, no colors, logos or other customizations of the theme are included.