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Site / Theme Setup

Based on the questions I get from people, many are simply terrified with setting up a site on Wordpress.

Installing and setting up a theme, installing the most important plugins and setting them up too, basically, with putting all the dots together to start a website on the right track. 

And you also are absolutely right – I will not only set up Wordpress for you, but will also install on your site a premium Wordpress theme – you will have a lifetime access to the theme (this is a $249 bonus to this offer, can you imagine??)

Examples of the Divi Premium Theme websites / blogs:


And many, many more!


Divi Theme is very popular

And I use it on one of my blogs. 🙂

I will install Divi theme and set up the most important plugins any website should have from day one.

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What people say...


Anastasia was an absolute delight to work with.
She made the necessary changes we needed to get started with blogging, and she was much faster to act than I had expected. I can not recommend you work with her enough!!

Martin Clausen, the founder of "Can You Teach Me That?"


Wow Anastasia... you exceeded my expectations!
Thank you so much for the extra effort you put into it. Makes starting out a whole lot easier. I really appreciate it. I'm glad to be one of your YouTube subscribers!

Luis from

Free WordPress Installation + Premium Theme
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1. Installation of WordPress to your domain.

2. Premium WordPress Theme (Divi, Lifetime Access, $249 value).

3. Installation of critical WordPress Plugins.

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Delivery time: up to 5 business days (including 48 hours for propagation of your domain on Bluehost).

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Friendly reminder: this offer is only available if you purchase hosting through my affiliate link.

Note: theme installation is done with the default theme design, no colors, logos or other customizations of the theme are included.